UK Tactic Session on Breeze

Hello, ACP. Today, UK, logged on for a quick tactic session on Breeze where we maxed fifteen. Carry on reading for pictures by Orange.

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AUSIA Invasion of Northern Lights Results

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Note to DW Leaders: We are willing to transfer this server back and cancel invasions in order for all war to cease. Find me on xat and we can sort out something if you’d like.

Greetings ACP!

Today we logged onto Northern Lights to invade the Dark Warriors nation, and there was no opposition. We managed to steam roll them and maxed 27 with an average of 21-24 throughout the entire event. We circled the town and almost the entire snow forts and ice berg, which is quite impressive 😀 . We did extremely well, probably better than yesterday, and I’m highly impressed. This only proves that we’re on the rise and no one can stop us. Thank you to everyone who came, and make sure to comment if you want a chance of promotion!
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Get ready ACP

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Its our time to shine.

We shall prove that the AUSIA division is still alive with armies.

All of you do your best to attend at least one event today.


ACP’s Stance

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Recently there have been allegations about the intentions ACP has with the Aerate Alliance; let me make it clear that ACP has always defended freedom and preserved justice and in this day in age we must rid ourselves of the evil that has embed itself in this community – multilogging.


We are rising and our legacy marches on.

ACP Recap #89 13-19 December

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Click HERE for my two year old ACP Recap!

Well.. uh..

This is awkward.

Heh… groovy greetings! Purp here.

.. kinda late.. by uhh.. 1 month..



HEY! MY FAULT! End of the year means lots of tests and exams and all that kind of stuff, so there’s my excuse! Pardon me, I hope this won’t happen again. I need to friggin’ make it up to 100 ACP Recap posts already! Argh! Well, let’s read more and see how we’ve done this week. I’ve also got a good batch of fun facts & weird search terms at the bottom of the post!

So yeah. ORDER UP! One fresh ‘n’ hot ACP Recap in a takeaway box with extra ketchup dip sprinkled with parsley all in a plastic bag decorated with.. oh forget about it…

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The Bigger Picture

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Starting from the rise in this top ten, we will only get stronger. We will soar past everyone else, in an age where everyone else lies and cheats to obtain larger sizes. Join me on our road to glory!


Riddles for Xats #1

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Good day ACP,

Today marks the beginning of a potentially successful yet very simple game – every so often a post such as this will appear here with a riddle. All that you have to do is to answer the riddle, and comment with your answer below. The first person to answer the riddle correctly will win a certain number of xats. Understand? Good. Well, let’s get started, shall we?

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US Winter Training CelebrationI

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Mondo’s Edit: Battle/War trainings will commence this week. All soldiers are expected to make most events.

Hello everyone,

Today we logged on with a bunch of friends from allied armies for a unified training session and winter celebration. We had a fun time marching around club penguin doing tactics and formations. We had really good sizes throughout most of the event, but towards the end people had to go. We maxed 14 and averaged 13. I expected a lot more today, but our tactics have improved greatly, and I am proud to lead this division. Rewards are always available if we do really well at certain events. If Ausia can max 23, we can do it too. We hit 18 multiple times a few weeks ago, and we can top that many times over. In order to do that, we all have to do our part in terms of activeness and recruiting. Stand together.

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The Rise Continues

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The AUSIA division has gone from sizes of 10 to 16 to 24, all in a matter of 3 days. This wouldn’t be possible without you.


AUSIA – Raid of Husky

All of our divisions are undergoing/will undergo reformation and the rise is inevitable. Our enemies tremble and they know that soon we’ll be back to our former glory. The AUSIA division’s rise is the first step, but we all need to do the same. We must work together to make ACP what it once was, and we can’t do it without you. Will you join me?

AUSIA – Raid of Husky

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Hello comrades,

Another amazing show for our AUSIA division today with the raid of Husky, maxing astounding sizes of 23 and averaging 21 throughout. We are at the brink of another rise, but we can only continue with YOU.

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