Final Weekend Event: Breeze @ClubPenguin #ClubPenguin

Hey guys!

Today we logged onto the server Breeze, at 3pm EST for the final weekend event, before Club Penguin completely shuts down. Today, during the event we was able to have a maximum of 15+ on Club Penguin. And everyone stayed active, and did the tactics through out the event. Here are some pics of the event. Photo Creds, goes to Sonic and Bam. Continue reading

Event Guidelines[EVERYONE READ]

Event Guidelines:

  • If the event is delayed, have it deployed next 30 minutes to an hour!
  • If barely of the owners can online, the one below that rank can lead it, a 4ic in particular. The other owners of the other division can lead this event(s) as well. Not having a successful event is bad for all of us.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to practice tactics and have fun events, and SUGGEST how to make events more fun so it can be enjoyable for everyone.
  • Show initiative and take control if you are the highest rank on chat. Leadership traits and confidence are two things we select owners based on.
  • Call allies and friends PRIOR to logging on.
  • Be EARLY on chat before the event, finish homework and DON’T do it during the event to prevent disruptions. You can of course work on it afterwards as well.
  • Keep the chat ACTIVE. Continually ANNOUNCE upcoming event times on chat and don’t let the chat die prior to events.

All of these guidelines and more are paramount to our events succeeding, and if we can improve on these things will move much more smoothly(and there will be a huge amount of promotions and overall fun)!




Server: Breeze


9pm EST // 8pm CST // 7pm MST // 6pm PST // 2am GMT // 6:30am IST // 9am Manilla



Important Posts:

Events for the Week

Hello ACP,

Today we logged on Breeze for a U-Lead and did pretty well. At the start of the event, we had 12-14 and then a little later into the event we started gaining. We averaged 12-16 and maxed 17. The tactics were great and the formations were not bad. There was a little bunching at times, but that can be easily accessed. It was great practice for our new troops, and I’m sure they enjoyed it. I am proud of you guys. We also had a snowball fight at the end. The green team won. Next time, lets hit 20+! Click read more for the pictures! Continue reading

[RESULTS] Recruiting Session [1/7/15]

Important Posts:

Hello ACP,

Today we logged on CP for a recruiting session somewhat well. We averaged about 11-12 and maxed 15 during the event. Many people are busy with school since we only came back to school on Monday. However, even though it wasn’t looking all that well in the beginning of the event, the troops that were online pulled together at about mid-point through the event and we did better. Overall, we need to improve in terms of size AND tactics. We need to recruit harder, much harder. Make sure to read the important posts and stay up to speed on the current events and news in the army.

Here are the pictures.

Continue reading

The Empire Strikes Back

To Nachos: Your invasions for today, Friday November 1st, are illegal. We did not receive the 24 hour warning that’s required to make the invasions legal. Gracias. 

❗ Saturday, 2nd November ❗

The following battle will take place at Klondike, Forts


ACP vs DW: 4pm EST, 3pm CST, 2pm MST, 1pm PST, 8pm UK

Comment if you can make this event and the ones below!

3 weeks ago, October 13th, 2013. A date which will live in infamy – the Democratic Republic of the Army of Club Penguin was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and land forces of the evil Nacho Empire. It is obvious that planning the attack began many weeks ago, during the intervening time, the Nacho Government deliberately sought to deceive the DRACP with false statements of peace.

No matter how long it may take us to overcome this pre-meditated invasion. No matter the cost.

The Army of Club Penguin in its righteous might will win through to ABSOLUTE VICTORY.

– Cassius, President and Commander in Chief


Friday, 1st of November:

[AUSIA Event]

Invasion of Down Under

>>> RESULTS: Victory <<<


[AUSIA Event]

Invasion of Sled

>>> RESULTS: Victory <<<


[AUSIA Event]

Invasion of Flurry

>>> RESULTS: Victory <<<


[UK Event]

Invasion of Frostbite

Server: Frostbite


5:00 PM UK


[UK Event]

Invasion of Snow Board

Server: Snow Board


6:00 PM UK

 2:00 PM EST

 1:00 PM CST

 12:00 MIDAY MST

 11:00 AM PST


[UK Event]

Invasion of Snow Drift

Server: Snow Drift 


7:00 PM UK

 3:00 PM EST

 2:00 PM CST

 1:00 PM MST

 12:00 PM PST


[UK + USA Event]

Defence of Yukon

Server: Yukon [If full, Klondike]


9:00 PM UK

 4:00 PM EST

 3:00 PM CST

 2:00 PM MST

 1:00 PM PST


[USA Event]

Invasion of Brumby

Server: Brumby


10:00 PM UK

 6:00 PM EST

 5:00 PM CST

 4:00 PM MST

 3:00 PM PST


Saturday, November 2nd

Reclamation of Parka (TBA)