The ACP Rejuvenation

We have changed over the years, and I believe there are a few flaws in our current status. If you are an ACP troop, you are required to read this in order to improve the ACP status in whatever way possible.

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Flipmoo – ACP 3rd in Command

Greetings, everyone.

I am Flipmoo, and I have been the ACP Australia/Asia Division Commander of this army for a couple of months. I have been promoted to 3rd-in-command to furthur improve this division and to help the ACP grow in this current generation of the ACP. I cannot say that I am perfect. I cannot guarantee huge sizes. But there’s one thing I can vow to all of you.

I will revolutionise the Australia/Asia Divisions of Club Penguin warfare, and I feel honoured to be given the opportunity to do so in the Army of Club Penguin.

Let me give you guys a bit of my past history.

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AUS/Asia – Unscheduled Weekday Recruiting Session (Results)

Hello ACP! My fellow comrades, we did a spectacular job today considering it was a school day, and on top of that the troops were mostly from Australia/Asia, with only a couple from UK/USA. We aren’t a division filled with troops who stay up late or wake up early. We’re actually made from Australia/Asia troops.

Make sure to comment if you made it to earn attendance credit.

Best picture of event, Provided by Korra 546.

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