Important Old School Event: Fjord Frenzy 2015

Hiya ACP!

I’m letting you know this event is generally for fun. All ACP troops must attend on this one we are looking forward for some awesome throwback. Snowball fights, slashing, stabbing saying thingy. If you want some old wars and not tactics, well you come to the right place this event is once in a lifetime event. Sponsored by CPAC, we will have 1 hr of war and some chaos like the old times. Nachos had this idea, you’re awesome guys!

Server: Fjord, Snow Forts

Comment if you can come!

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Hi, I’m Rock

Salutations ACP,

It’s me, Rock71, or Rock, here with a bit of news. I’m attempting to make this post as short as possible so I don’t take up space on here but I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be acting as a temporary Third in Command for the duration of the war against LT. I have years of ACP and ACPTR experience and I am here to serve this army well, and to work to the best of my ability to keep the army successful. If you need me for anything feel free to PC me on chat, that will be all. Thank you.