New Ausia Leader

Hello ACP, I am Ronnoc91, your new AUSIAleader. I know currently that our AUSIA division is terrible but I hope to make our AUSIA the best in CPA. That is going to take work and time and I plan on putting in maximum effort to do so. I am also going to need the help of all of you to make this work. Lets go ACP!

-Ronnoc91 ACP Ausia Leader


UK Recruiting on Flurry

Greetings, ACP. Today, the UK division logged onto Flurry for a quick recruiting session, we maxed 22 – great work UK! Carry on reading for pictures provided by I and Bam. 

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Awesome US Recruiting Operation

Hello everyone!

Today we logged on to the server Slushy for what we thought was going to be a quick little recruiting session and then log off not long after. Well, that was proved wrong. We ended up having an awesome operation which was a complete success. After a little bit of saying some lines to get people’s attention, we started gaining a lot of people. Many people changed their color to green and started wearing green clothing after seeing other people joining. We maxed 22 and averaged about 18-20.

I am very proud of all the effort you guys put in, and I expect this to continue more often. As a result of this major success, xats were given away! I have a new shipment of xats+days coming in a few days, so that’s something for you all to look forward to. Let’s do even better next time. Remember, the rewards stated many times before in tournament hype posts and practice battle posts are available in normal events if we do really well. That is up to you soldiers whether you will reach that point continuously.

Read on for the pictures!

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[AUSIA] Defense of Ice Box

Greetings ACP!

Although I don’t have any pictures, we were able to defend from the unappealing LT, it was a pretty awesome battle, and we were able to get 15 on CP and defend Ice Box. 1 medal if you made it!

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[AUSIA] Practice Battle against RF

Greetings ACP!

Tonight the AUSIA division scheduled a PB against RF, who didn’t show up… So we recruited for a whlie instead. We were able to garner 39 on CP and had awesome tactics, almost perfect! 2 medals if you came! Here’s the results:







Commander in Chief

Weekend Events (MUST COME)

Greetings ACP!

Weekend events are the biggest events of the week! Try your best to attend them all! Expecting to hit 30+ at all events! Remember to comment if you can come!

Sunday 17th August


Event type: Training/ Tactics

Times:  12:00 am UK // 7:00 am EST // 6:00 am CST // 5:00 am MST // 4:00 am PST // 8:00 pm JST // 4:30 pm IST 

Server: Breeze

Room: Town



Recruiting Session

Server: TBA

Times: 8:00pm UK // 3:00pm EST // 2:00pm CST // 1:00pm MST // 12:00pm PST


US Break, attend UK event!

Comment if you can come!


Commander in Chief

[AUSIA] Practice Battle against Celts

Greetings ACP!

Tonight we battled the Celts who weren’t exactly a good show. So we battled some rogues instead, however we won against them! We were able to get around 30 on CP and had pretty awesome tactics. You receive three medals if you came! Here’s the results:



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UK Tactic Session Results

Hello ACP, today we had a great event considering ALL of our UK owners are gone, which resulted in just Fluffy and I to take the reins of the UK division while they are away. We averaged 30 throughout the event. I didn’t get many pictures since I was a little late logging on. Good job ACP, comment for your 3 medals.

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[AUSIA] Mining Exhibition

Greetings ACP!

Today the AUSIA division logged into Ice Berg (3 bar) for a Mining Exhibition. We were able to garner 30+ on CP and had amazing tactics with a ferocious size. Two medals if you made it.


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