Battle Video of the Defense of Breeze versus the Nachos

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Hello, ACP.

Last night at the defense of Breeze, Lorenzo Bean (an old ACP moderator), was able to take video of the battle. The video starts at the Ice Berg which was charged at 10 minutes into the battle, and the video shows clips of the Beach and Ice Berg in 5 minutes.

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USA Comeback: Recruiting Session Results

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Hai dere, ACP.

After weeks of struggling and no results of events being posted, the USA division finally has something to show off.  The last time a solo USA results post was made was over two months ago!  Over the course of this week, the soldiers has definitely been recruiting more and putting more effort into the army.  Tonight we maxed about 24 or more soldiers at times; three medals were awarded for those who came.


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Spoopy Halloween!

Hey, ACP.

On behalf of the owners, I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween.  Use all of that candy you got to get sugar rushes and go crazy.  If recruiting ever gets boring now, you should definitely have a week’s supply of candy to produce a sugar high to give you more energy. 😆

Hopefully everyone remembers the events for tomorrow that are crucial.  There is a practice battle against our long time allies, the Doritos, for all AUSIA soldiers; while the Americans’ and Europeans’ will be able to prove how well of a leader they are in the U-Leads.

This time last year, we were in a war with the Nachos!  We’re still going strong to this day.

Hopefully everyone had an amazing Halloween!  What’s the best candy you got when going trick-or-treating?


ACP Panel of Guardians

Club Penguin Turbo Race 3000 Party August 2014 Cheats

LBX Club Penguin Cheats and More!

What’s new, everyone?  Since the Frozen party is far away, the Club Penguin team has released a special mini-party while we wait.  It’s the Turbo Race 3000; something Gary has been working on for quite a while.

If you check your spy phone messages, you’ll see that Gary announces his new invention at the Forts (but really, go to the Stadium).


This is what the Stadium now looks like:


The music at the Stadium has now changed to some intense racing music.  You can grab the items on the right at any time, but you might as well race your friends a bit first.  To completely finish a race correctly, you must go around in three laps.


A Go-Karter Helmet and a Go-Karter Jacket are the free items given out at this party.  Only the Go-Karter Helmet is literally free, while you need a membership to complete the outfit…

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Club Penguin Penguin Cup Party June 2014 Cheats

LBX Club Penguin Cheats and More!

What’s new, everyone? In celebration of the current World Cup going on in the real world, the Club Penguin team has decided to jump on the hype-train.  Therefore, there is a Penguin Cup party!  You’re able to choose between four teams, so, which one will you choose and lead to victory?



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Club Penguin Prom Party June 2014 Cheats

LBX Club Penguin Cheats and More!

What’s new, everyone?  Once again Club Penguin has decided to hold a mini-party like that similar to May’s Funny Hat Week.  This time, seeing as it’s the end of the school year, it’s time for Club Penguin Prom!  Throwback to old Club Penguin when people use to actually have proms.

Head on over to the Mine Shack and you’ll see the decorations:


Inside there are two free items that anyone can pick up.  One is a graduation hat on the left side of the room, where the classroom is:


You can also get your picture taken (or with your date) to remember this moment forever.  You will get a free background by doing this.


Look at me Mom, I finally got to go to prom!  I hereby declare myself the Prom King!

Icey Cold27

LBX Club Penguin Cheats

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Club Penguin Future Party May 2014 Cheats

LBX Club Penguin Cheats and More!

What’s new, everyone?  After a not-so-exciting month of May, the Club Penguin team has finally released the Future Party.  The party centers around an oncoming battle with an old villain, Protobot.  There is word that Gary will be roaming around in the futuristic world to help fight off all the evil bots!



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Club Penguin Funny Hat Week May 2014 Party Cheats


What’s new, everyone?  Club Penguin decided to go back to their roots and have a one party room that lasts only for one week!  This is really different for new players, but for old players, it’s a little taste of hope; in hope that the team gets it together and starts making good parties.

Maybe the week is to celebrate May Day, or maybe it’s to celebrate being silly, either way, there are a ton of new free items.  To obtain all of these items, head over to the Dock.

There are five hats that are free to everyone:


A party usually means a free background, so be sure to get your picture taken:


The background and the sleeping cap are my favorite two of the bunch of six.  Remember that this party only lasts for a week.  I practically feel like a member now with the amount of items I have. 😆

P.S. There was a problem when reblogging so I just had to repost it entirely.

~Retired leader, Mchappy

Club Penguin Puffle April 2014 Party Cheats

LBX Club Penguin Cheats and More!

What’s new, everyone?  The highly anticipated Puffle Party has finally arrived, and boy has the team proven themselves once again. Last week, Rockhopper brought cat and dog puffles to the island so in celebration PH the Puffle Handler has thrown a party to commemorate this historic event.  Remember to scroll down below for more helpful cheats and whatnot.



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11/04/14 UK Event

Some debate whether the American or European times are wrong, but the event went smoothly nonetheless.

ACP AUS/Asia Division


So for those of you going, ‘who’s this ?’

I’m Cole former acp 1.5ic, I lead alongside Mch last year and some of you may remember me for being extra negative.

After realizing the UK events have not been changed to the new daylight savings times and our first event without a proper UK figure – head, I decided to step in.

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