Happy Thanksgiving!

In 1621, in celebration of the Plymouth colonists’ first successful harvest, they invited their Native-American Wampanoag friends to join their three day long festival. It was a time of celebration and socialization. Eating, hunting, and other entertainment took place. This is known as The First Thanksgiving.
To this day, many original influences are evident 395 years later, on this 2016 Thanksgiving Day. Attaining more and more meanings and customs, it evolved into an all out annual tradition, with a highly important concept also being celebrated and recognized—gratitude. Simply being grateful for what you have in life and not acting selfish or greedy defines gratitude suitably. And thus, we should continue to be grateful for what we have and strive to make others do so as well.

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From the Army of Club Penguin to the world,

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Remember to be thankful for what you have. By doing this and helping others along the way, you have contributed to helping make the world a better and brighter place for everyone.

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I would like to take the time to personally give thanks to the United States Armed Forces, the Intelligence Community, Veterans, Law Enforcement, and all former soldiers and officers who have placed their lives on the line for our security and freedom.

Thank you for all you have done, 


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[RESULTS] Recruiting Session [1/7/15]

Important Posts:

Hello ACP,

Today we logged on CP for a recruiting session somewhat well. We averaged about 11-12 and maxed 15 during the event. Many people are busy with school since we only came back to school on Monday. However, even though it wasn’t looking all that well in the beginning of the event, the troops that were online pulled together at about mid-point through the event and we did better. Overall, we need to improve in terms of size AND tactics. We need to recruit harder, much harder. Make sure to read the important posts and stay up to speed on the current events and news in the army.

Here are the pictures.

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