Letter To @ClubPenguin / @BobbehJean From @ACPArmy

Dear Club Penguin,

Some of our soldiers in the ACP – Army of Club Penguin was banned forever on Club Penguin, for no reason. Such as Fluffyboy3, CP Galaxy YT, Ahmed7569 and maybe more. We all know we haven’t broken any of the Club Penguin rules, we never swore, do ads, or be rude/mean or anything.

The ban started sometime after we logged onto the server Breeze, to have a event. And sometime after that, that’s when people start saying they got banned forever. If you don’t believe us that we did not recruit, or anything. Here is a video I recorded of the event, the whole time as proof we did not break any CP rules.

The ACP – Army of Club Penguin is a place for players that play Club Penguin to meet a whole lot of new people, make friends, and do a lot more activities on Club Penguin and keep people into wanting to continue to play the game. We have been around Club Penguin for almost 10 years now, so we played a big role in the Club Penguin history and still do.

We go onto Club Penguin and have a friendly battle/snowball fight with other armies, and there are times we reward people with memberships and coin codes. You guys can’t really punish us for rewarding other people, knowing we’re buying the memberships codes, and stuff like that with our own money. We just want Club Penguin players to be happy, that’s why the Army of CP was made in the first place.

And also the ACP rules on our chat and site is the same as Club Penguin, we don’t allow swearing or any of that. And people who breaks those rules gets banned on chat, just like they would get ban on Club Penguin if they broke any of those rules.

We’re really tired of being treated unfairly, when we haven’t even pretty much did anything wrong. And it’s especially not fair punishing individuals just because they’re in armies.

We really hope you see this letter and we can sort this whole mess out with you guys, and hope we can gain your support again.

Waddle on!

The Official ACP: Army of Club Penguin