Army of Club Penguin 14th Anniversary Celebrations

14th Birthday Battle!


3PM EST / 2PM CST / 1PM MST / 12PM PST / 7PM GMT / 8PM UK / 12:30AM IST

I hope you all are well. If you were somehow unaware (Oagalthorp included), our great army’s birthday is this upcoming week. We turn fourteen on the 29th. That is just in three more days! ACP was brought back a year ago, on September 29th, 2019, by Mchappy. Since then, it has thrived on Discord and has nearly 5,500 members. This is a very important date for our old community and we are hoping many veterans will be willing to come on out in support. If you’re looking over this site, we would be overjoyed to reconnect with you and show you how the Army of Club Penguin has evolved over the years. Even after fourteen years we’re still marching on — hopefully — you can continue to do that with your beloved online community.

Discord link:


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ACP’s Second Official Pokémon Tournament: Sign Ups and Information

Edit: You must currently be enlisted in ACP or have previously been in ACP to play in the tournament.

Greetings ACP! Yes it is that time again. Pokemon showdown tournament time!! This year is going to be better than the last. Click Continue Reading for the information!

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ACP’s 10th Anniversary PSA(Public Service Announcement)

Make ACP Great Again @ACPArmy @ClubPenguin


So when y’all look back to the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) run by Oagalthorp, Boomer 20, Shaboomboom, Mchappy, Kenneth/Flipper and so on. To now when it is run by a whole different type of peo…

Source: Make ACP Great Again @ACPArmy @ClubPenguin

Here is a post written by a moderator (Skipper233) that includes some motivation/tips to continue the success of the only OFFICIAL Army of Club Penguin. We are coming up on our ❗ 10TH ANNIVERSARY ❗ and no other army is able to have that title yet. Last week we rose, this week we will climb together to new heights.

March on to victory

I’m very Proud

Hello, ACP

This week you guys were able to reach 3rd on the Top Ten! We made the podium! 

Last week we were 7th so this is a good step forward into the right direction for stability.

I will be the first to admit that I thought ACP would fall in sizes under this new leadership, but you have proved me wrong.

You have proved everyone wrong.

Keep this up as you usher in a new era for not only this army but the entire Club Penguin community. Don’t let the haters rain on your parade.


Join Army of Club Penguin Video 5/15/16

♣ Welcome to the OFFICIAL Army of Club Penguin ♣ Click on the word join to leave a comment, then be added to our ranks and start chatting with us; a basic guide to the army can be found here – FREE CLUB PENGUIN CODES ♣

Please subscribe to this YouTube channel! Help by commenting, liking, and sharing to spread the word.

It’s your time to shine

Important Posts:

It’s true that ACP might not be the biggest army.

It’s true no army has had it as rough as us.

In recent events, the soldiers have stayed dedicated and loyal to ACP’s cause.

We might not be the biggest, but you bet your damn self that we will be here the longest.

Our legacy continues on.

Will you shine by continuing the greatest legacy in this community?

A “Wing It” Unscheduled UK Event: Results


Important Posts:

Hello, ACP

This morning we had a last minute unscheduled (and by last minute I mean literally, I told the owners to log us on one minute before we did) and we were able to do well. The event started at 2:30 PM GMT (UK) so it will count towards next week’s Top Ten as a UK curve. If you attended this event, you have earned 2 medals!

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Some Training on Breeze [AUSIA] — 150124

Important Posts:

Hello, ACP.

The last AUSIA event before the Top Ten turned into a training session. This event was led primarily by both Rockstar and Star, however left before posting results. I was able to make the event and I was glad to see improvement from the rest of the week. If you attended this event, you have earned 3 medals! 


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