Riddles for Xats #5

Good day ACP,

A lot has happened in the past ten days. ACP has progressed, as have other armies, and we saw ourselves rise onto the 4th position of CPAC’s Top Ten list. Tomorrow, we shall rise once more (I’m betting on second place, who’s with me?). In this time when many armies are faltering, we must show the way to them as we are the oldest and most legendary army out there. We are the army to begin all armies, and our place, no matter how well or poorly we do, is as the main pillar that supports the house of Club Penguin Armies. So let’s do our best and make our mark, shall we?

And now to the fifth installment (is that an anniversary? Meh) of none other than

Riddles For Xats #5

~Hosted by Tamiyami~

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