Happy 10th Anniversary ACP! [ US Event Results]

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Wishing ACP a Happy Birthday from AR

Today was the 10th anniversary of the creation of the ACP. I know, it’s amazing to think about. The fact that this group, this team, this army, has been alive and active for 10 entire years is astounding. When I first joined ACP in 2008 I never envisioned the army alive for so long, and I bet neither did Oagal.

Who should get the credit¬†for this great feat? You guys. All of you, each and every one. All of you soldiers who are currently active, all who are retired, all who ever participated in a practice or war whether you were ranked or unranked or even realized that we weren’t just a bunch of green penguins dancing around spouting the clover icons every so often, and sometimes managing to make sorta-circle-ish formations.

Now, what did we do today?

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