Final Weekend Event: Breeze @ClubPenguin #ClubPenguin

Hey guys!

Today we logged onto the server Breeze, at 3pm EST for the final weekend event, before Club Penguin completely shuts down. Today, during the event we was able to have a maximum of 15+ on Club Penguin. And everyone stayed active, and did the tactics through out the event. Here are some pics of the event. Photo Creds, goes to Sonic and Bam. Continue reading

The First And The Last @ACParmy @ACParmy2 @ClubPenguin

Image result for acp army of club penguin

As coming back from my very long unnoticed inactive. It is now realized to many people, that armies are definitely at a end point. So this is a short little message to everyone in the ACP. To all owners, mods and members, and members of the POG, etc. The Army of Club Penguin is the first army made onto Club Penguin, and no matter what, we must be the last to survive into the game, despite or small amounts in size, and active. And our lower score onto the Top ten leader board.

We carry out a history in Club Penguin bigger than any other army, known to the community. And the matter how much this army has changed over the years, in leadership, organization, and more. We still share the same potential, through out the years, the ACP has been around. We were the first to server Club Penguin for a full 10 years (btw happy birthday to this wonderful army) and as it is in view, that the end is near, we must do EVERYTHING we can to stay active out on the field, on a daily basic. And no matter how difficult recruiting is now, we have to do everything in mind to get more people into the army. At any cost. Recruiting from twitter, or whatever, we have to do something now, instead of doing nothing at all, because when we do nothing, that is a ticket to the army’s death.

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Club Penguin Blog – Penguin of the Week: Lhasapinky @clubpenguin

Hey guys!

Today Club Penguin picked the new POTW (Penguin of The Week) who was nominated by Green N Cool so special shout out from the Army of Club Penguin to Lhasapinky for receiving the POTW. And here is a copy of Megg’s (CP moderator/blogger) post.



Hi, penguins!

Lhasapinky was nominated to be Penguin of the Week by Green N Cool!

Here is their nomination:

“Hello, Megg. I would like to nominate Lhasapinky for Penguin Of The Week. I’ve noticed that she has put so much effort into role playing with other players online. She comes across as a really friendly and kind player who has dedicated her time to make other players smile. Thank you.”




Congrats, Lhasapinky!

Want to nominate a friend for Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment telling us why! Each Penguin of the Week receives 10,000 coins and the POTW Background.

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


Make sure to keep checking in for more Club Penguin updates and more. And congratz to the new POTW for receiving 10,ooo coins and the POTW background!

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Skipper233: Goodbye @acparmy @clubpenguin

Retirement of Skipper233 (3x)

As most of you guys know about my current issues that I am struggling to get past, and just being on here isn’t helping. I need to enjoy my life, instead of being on here and talking to people through the internet. I’m 18 years old and so I just need to move on. It’s been a blast playing Club Penguin for 10 years now, and  being in ACP for about 9 years. But now it is time for me to be nothing but history. I am fully retiring from both Club Penguin and ACP.

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Club Penguin: Things to Do at the Finding Dory Party @clubpenguin @ACPArmy

Hey guys!

Last week Club Penguin asked the players what they enjoyed in the Finding Dory party so far, and then they made a post on the official Club Penguin blog, sharing some of the comments. Check it out!


Hey, penguins!
Last week, we asked what you were enjoying at the Finding Dory Party so far. There were so many fin-tastic comments, we decided to share some of them in a list of things to do before the party ends August 17!
Ready to up your party game? Here you go:
1. I love making underwater scenes of my own from the movie and making a party so everyone can enjoy!!! 
-Submitted by: Shadow55652
2. My must do thing oh got it! I have to throw lots of pool party’s,so I can make new friends. One of my main reasons is I really love the movie so I can’t wait to explore! Love the party!
-Submitted by: Cutegirlyay
3. My must-do activity is explore the reef and go on fun adventures like I do every dayXD
-Submitted by: Selena7660
4. YO! I love working at the Marine Life Institute! I’m a lifeguard, and I help, feed, play, and do much more things with the animals! When I’m finished, I can have a good lunch at the picnic bench with my Puffle! Then I can go shopping or work at the shopping place! Thanks for this party and post plz!
-Submitted by: Mckeala
5. The most important is to meet with other players and make some new penguin friends. My favourite meet-ups are #TogetherThursday #StampParty and #MeggMonday 😀
-Submitted by: Gocio
Huge thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this list! Want more things to do? Check out the comments section in the original post HERE.
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
So if you would like to tell @ClubPenguin what you enjoy so far of the Finding Dory party, leave a comment on their post. (link below)
Make sure to check in for more Club Penguin updates/news. Thanks for reading!
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Skipper233: Taking a Break from ACP/ClubPenguin[Temp]

As most of you know by now, about the current issue I am going through at the moment.  Continue reading

Skipper233: Message to EVERYONE[IMPORTANT]

[Please Do not delete]

Edit: Message to all leaders/owners/soldiers – I need to just take a break a little bit today, i’m not sure when i’m gonna be back on. But i just got a lot of stuff on my mind, that i need to figure out. I hope y’all understand 😦 I’ll try to get back into being active in ACP as soon as I can. 

A lot of y’all lately been noticing i’ve been getting mad easily, or watever. I haven’t really told many of y’all this, but I think i’m suicidal again.

This has been a issue for me, for years now. i’ve been in the hospital like 5-6 times over and over. and I have not been there since last year. Also another thing about me, is that i have a really bad anger issue, so thats why i always get triggered easily from people on chat and stuff.

That’s pretty much the whole reason i’ve came back to CP and CP armies, because all of y’all made me happy, made me feel like there are ACTUALLY people out there that cared about me. Now I don’t want this to alarm you, because i’mma try to get through it again, this been going on for like 6-7 years now, and I’m still living ain’t I?

So i’mma get through it, I just wanna thank y’all for those who been there for me during my time in CP armies, and Club Penguin.I really appreciate it.

I’m still going to try to be as active as I can in the Army of Club Penguin, but I just thought you all have the right to know, everyone on here has the right to know. Because y’all are my friends, and so… yea.

I just wanna thank y’all for being there, and if y’all have any questions, just leave a comment below. Or if you’re on twitter, just tweet to me on DMs me. @ACPArmy2

Bye for now,


No New puffles or CJ Shadow ??? [MUST SEE]

Thanks to Nico for providing the pictures. Megg has recently said there will be “No new puffles this year” and also said there will be “no Card-Jitsu Shadow” Check it out.

No New Puffles

No Card Jitsu Shadow

So what do you think about Club Penguin not bring any new puffles to the island AND not bring Card-Jitsu Shadow?? Please leave a comment below this post, on any questions or opinion you have! Thanks for reading!

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Megg Reportedly Pushing for a Music Jam in November @clubpenguin

Ever since people heard there was going to be another Frozen Party on Club Penguin, people kept asking to bring back the Music Jam in 2016. Megg has responded, saying she will try to push it into November. Check it out.

So what do you think? Will the Music Jam come back to the Club Penguin island? Leave a comment below, telling what you think about it, and make sure to keep checking in for more Club Penguin updates! Thank you to Bloxorz for providing the picture!

Thanks for reading!


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Project: Make ACP Great Again – Last 2 Rookie Events[Results]

As most of you know, Project: Make ACP Great Again – is in full process now. And as mentioned in the project post, ACP will be attending Club Penguin mascots/moderator meet ups. And we’ve have been attending a Rookie mascot meet up twice, and so here are the results(video) for both of them.

Event 1:

Event 2:

Also check out the CPAC interview, about ACP current project, to get back onto the rise!

And to view the post of the project, and if you wanna learn more how we’re planning to make ACP great again, here is the link!