Successful Defence of Deep Freeze


Today we successfully defended the server Deep Freeze from the laughable RPF. During this we maxed about 13. Since there was a huge bot raid that lasted the whole time which made it very hard at times to even switch tabs-let alone get pictures-the server was NOT lost. These bot attacks also prevented us from having a fair battle due to there being many lockouts as soon as the bots arrived.

Now, RPF has made claims that the bots that raided the battle belonged to ACP, which was purely an effort to deem our defence as invalid. There is proof that these absurd and fruitless claims are false, supporting the fact that Deep Freeze was never successfully invaded, which can be found below.


And now a statement from Chip:


Actually you don’t.


War Invasions of Omegas

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Thursday, January 29th 2015

[AUSIA] Invasion of Northern Lights

Server: Northern Lights

Times: ~ 9:00PM JST (Japan) // 5:30 PM IST (India) // 12:00 PM (Noon) UK // 7:00 AM EST // 6:00 AM CST // 5:00 AM MST // 4:00 AM PST //

[UK] Invasion of Marshmallow

Server: Marshmallow

Times: ~ 7:30 PM GMT (UK) // 2:30 PM EST // 1:30 PM CST // 12:30 PM MST // 11:30 PM PST //

[USA] Invasion of Walrus

Server: Walrus

Times: ~ 7 PM EST // 6 PM CST // 5 PM MST // 4 PM PST

The war continues as normal. Let’s scare the Omegas, ACP!

Click ‘read more’ to check the battle schedule for this week. Let’s show Omegas what we are made of, and make sure that they never mess with us again. Comment if you can attend these! We will be doing many mass invasions this week, with back-to-back events, so get ready to stay on CP for a good while.

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Earn your own troops, don’t dare steal any more troops.

Ausia Invasion of Ice Breaker and North Pole – VICTORY [Against Omegas]

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Hello Acp!

Today we invaded Ice Breaker [against the omegas], in which we averaged 13 and maxed 15. While the Omegas were struggling to average around 1-2.  We also had perfect tactics. So in the end, they surrendered to us. They also surrendered North Pole to the Army of Cp, as mentioned in the pictures below. 4 medals if you came! Read more for the pictures and the results:

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AUSIA War Training + Annihilation of the Omegas

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Hey ACP, Purp here! Today we went on Breeze to do a war training and met the Omegas during the event. They wanted to battle, huh? WELL WE CERTAINLY GAVE IT TO THEM! We had 13-16 the whole time with great tactics whilst the Omegas had 1-5 online. We thrashed them down completely. Good job guys, 3 medals if you came and read more for my pics! Glad I took some.


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Official Declaration of War on the Omegas + AUSIA/US War Battles

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The Army of Club Penguin hereby declares war on the Omegas of Club Penguin for their war crimes against ACP and WV, and all ACP troops in the Omegas army are ordered to leave at once, or may be subject to treason charges and banished for an indefinite period of time.

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Battle Video of the Defense of Breeze versus the Nachos

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Hello, ACP.

Last night at the defense of Breeze, Lorenzo Bean (an old ACP moderator), was able to take video of the battle. The video starts at the Ice Berg which was charged at 10 minutes into the battle, and the video shows clips of the Beach and Ice Berg in 5 minutes.

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Bimestrial War || CfC

Waddup ACP,

Hey again soldiers.  I’m back! [well I was never really gone.]  I just gathered up the bravery to start posting again.

Bimestrial.  It’s a synonym for the word ‘long.’  Yet again we find ourselves face to face with the army of Nachos.  It’s no question that both of our historic armies are a close match and have had many close battles in our timeline.  We must ask ourselves the question: how do we win?  This war has already proven that it is very undecidable of who has the favor of winning and being victorious.  To win we must be backbone strong and strike fast.  On Monday, July 25th the first battle will be held against the Nachos!  Until then we must have constant raids on the Nachos servers all day.  Nachos will also raid our servers from time to time, so we must have a good amount of troops on our servers at all times.  Click HERE to keep track of your patrol recordings.  I personally can’t wait to see the old rivalry of green and orange clash once again 😀  It’s been some time now.  July 25th is a big day for us; we must have the first win to get this war in our favor.  For reasons unknown the Nachos have declared war on ACP, NW, and the UMA yet soon we will show them not to mess with the might of this wonderous army.  A prime key to winning this war is having fun!  A fun war is a great war.  We’re going to give them a run for their money that’s for sure.  We will definitely have an advantage with our great soldiers and leaders.  Right now we have been losing sight of our number one spot in the top ten.  Many armies [mostly the top five] have all been very close together in size recently.  The post for the event will be up for a very long time.  I humbly expect a good 50+ soldiers at this tremendous battle.  Promotions are sooner than you think, people, and we are fighting for our little penguin glory here!  We have worked very, very hard these past weeks and they have been paying off.  Eric aka Boomer is always watching<3  Let’s make him feel very proud of us.  We definitely have got the right stuff to beat the Nachos.  We have beaten them before so why not do it again, and again.  Soon we might have the beloved Ice Warriors on our side to help us in this fun war.  The ‘Bimestrial’ war is in effect and forever will be.  So lets start this off with a bang and show the Nachos that this rivalry will not stop until we have on true victory, us.



lolwut.  CfC?  Clash for Control?  It’s a new tournament that ‘Club Penguin Army Central’ has put together.  Each army in the tournament has been granted three servers to protect with their lives.  Our three servers are: Northern Lights, Crystal, and Summit.  As of now I do not know any armies that are invading the three servers.  I need all of ACP to be watching other army sites so we can have a heads up on when we are being “invaded.”  Again I ask for people to watch all opposing army sites for any news about us being invaded.  To check the participating armies in this tournament click HERE.  The CfC lasts for two weeks-ending August 1st- so I suggest we quickly act fast and invade armies quick.  ACP owner ranks should ‘private chat’ me for my idea.   I promise that we will hold invasion[s] soon so we can bring home another victory from a CPAC tournament!


Thus I end my post with a conclusion.  Over all message of this post- we’ll win 😆  Remember to comment on ALL of our important posts:

Recruiting Week2

And so I say good-bye until next time.  I end this post with over six hundred words and one extremely epic picture -smirk-  You ain’t got nothing on me, Redd.  Ohhh by the way remember to have fun and join some rogues on Mammoth.  You might make a new friend and get a new recruit to join!

With love,

мιѕтєя ι-ѕєє

[Icey Cold27]

Taking Sides

Reminder: DO NOT use the IW’s .com site link!  They lost the domain to a bad site again.

Leaders: Join page schedule official copy

Update: In response to Icey, the reason we are neutral is to CONTINUE the war, not end it, because we are at least twice the size of everyone else, and wars need to be balanced.  ACP alone is larger than the entire turnout of the Orange Alliance by almost two fold, and thrice for IW.  Whichever side we join would then have a significant advantage, therefore we will leave you to your war in the hopes it won’t be over right away.

Fox : I have a suggestion. What if only one division went to war with IW, like Delta did or something, or Alpha or whatever? And we could split Delta, Alpha, and Echo into branches of divisions so we had Kappa or whatever the other 3 were, because seriously ACP can’t get into any wars whatsoever anymore and I am bored out of my mind…. Boomer we at least need to get into the habit of weekly practices again, one every Saturday, because with Christmas break coming up we’ll have a lot of days off from school and we can do more patrols and such, so it’d be nice to use that time to improve formations and squares and such.

Boomer’s Edit: That is a possibility, although I would prefer not to go to war on our closest ally, as much as I disagree with their actions.  We will probably wait and see how things turnout before deciding any further.

Iceyfeet, the Leader of the Ice Warriors, has declared war on 6 armies, 3 of which are good allies of ours (GW, WW, and HSA).  This situation has been going on since IW decided to invade a bunch of HSA’s servers for no good reason, including Half Pipe, which is also owned by WW, GW, and the Tacos (the reason so many armies are involved).  While ACP will not go to war with IW, we do not in any way support the behavior of the Ice Warriors.

The last time something like this happened, it was the Nachos earlier in the year when their size made them unstoppable to any army other than ACP, and they used their size to cause quite a few wars with a lot of the smaller armies with little reason.  IW is in a similar situation, being larger than most of their opponents, however as the Orange Alliance proved yesterday, IW is beatable.  The team of WW, GW, and Tacos numbered close to 30, defeating only about 15 IW soldiers and a handful of Nachos.  At this time, I am not sure whether the Nachos will be helping IW or not, and frankly I would be surprised if they signed up to help an army who has invaded a handful of their allies for no reason.  Should be interesting to see how this plays out.