New CP – New Accounts: CONFIRMED!! @ClubPenguin @KingBoo8884

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As most of you know by now, by yesterday’s confusion. Where people didn’t know weather Club Penguin’s current CEO, Spike Hike, meant people would keep their items when the original CP shuts down, and the new Club Penguin opens up. Or if everyone who plays Club Penguin would have to restart all over.

It is now CONFIRMED everyone will have to start all over, in getting items, coins, stamps, etc. Here is a picture provided by @KingBoo8884

Again it is now CONFIRMED players will have to start all over once the original Club Penguin shuts down, and the new Club Penguin opens up.

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BREAKING NEWS:Having to start all over on the new @clubpenguin ??


Hey guys!

As most of you know by now, Club Penguin will be shutting down at some point in time. To release a NEW Club Penguin out onto the internet. Which is part of the project, Club Penguin has been doing for a few years now, known as “Project: Super Secrete”  in order to make the game more better/newer.

The official name of the new Club Penguin hasn’t been announced yet, some people are calling it CPNext, etc. But when the new Club Penguin is out, and the original CP is shutted down completely, that also means a HUGE migration in Club Penguin Armies as well.

A Club Penguin player CpXpome has asked Club Penguin current CEO, Spike Hike. If players on normal Club Penguin will keep everything on their current Club Penguin account, and transfer it to the new Club Penguin. So they won’t have to start all over, in getting items and other stuff they have worked up to get on the original CP. Spike Hike responded saying the new Club Penguin will have a whole different, and newer system. 

So therefore everybody who plays current CP now. And gained all the new items/has all the old items from back in the day and etc. Will be gone. Most people are saying that, other people are saying that’s not how it’s gonna be, that we will keep all our stuff and it will transfer onto the new Club Penguin for when it comes out, and the original CP is shutted down for good.

But the new Club Penguin is definitely coming out, and which means to original CP from 2005 will be completely shut down. And all the players on it including armies. Will have to migrate onto the new Club Penguin, once it is available for everyone.

Right now there is nothing but confusion on twitter, and people overreacting, and neither Club Penguin nor Spike Hike has responded to people asking questions and settling out this huge confusion. Here are some messages from well known CP bloggers who has been fully updated about this new CP. Here is what they had to say.

Jdan1001 – CP Blogger:

King Boo – CP Blogger:

So what do you think? Will Club Penguin players have to start all over for what they worked so hard to get? Or will they be able to transfer it to the new Club Penguin once it is released?

Also leave a comment telling us how you feel about Club Penguin players/Armies having to migrate onto a new Club Penguin, once the original is completely shut down. I will make sure to keep you guys informed when anything new comes up.

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Club Penguin Blog – Penguin of the Week: Lhasapinky @clubpenguin

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Today Club Penguin picked the new POTW (Penguin of The Week) who was nominated by Green N Cool so special shout out from the Army of Club Penguin to Lhasapinky for receiving the POTW. And here is a copy of Megg’s (CP moderator/blogger) post.



Hi, penguins!

Lhasapinky was nominated to be Penguin of the Week by Green N Cool!

Here is their nomination:

“Hello, Megg. I would like to nominate Lhasapinky for Penguin Of The Week. I’ve noticed that she has put so much effort into role playing with other players online. She comes across as a really friendly and kind player who has dedicated her time to make other players smile. Thank you.”




Congrats, Lhasapinky!

Want to nominate a friend for Penguin of the Week? Leave a comment telling us why! Each Penguin of the Week receives 10,000 coins and the POTW Background.

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Club Penguin: Things to Do at the Finding Dory Party @clubpenguin @ACPArmy

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Last week Club Penguin asked the players what they enjoyed in the Finding Dory party so far, and then they made a post on the official Club Penguin blog, sharing some of the comments. Check it out!


Hey, penguins!
Last week, we asked what you were enjoying at the Finding Dory Party so far. There were so many fin-tastic comments, we decided to share some of them in a list of things to do before the party ends August 17!
Ready to up your party game? Here you go:
1. I love making underwater scenes of my own from the movie and making a party so everyone can enjoy!!! 
-Submitted by: Shadow55652
2. My must do thing oh got it! I have to throw lots of pool party’s,so I can make new friends. One of my main reasons is I really love the movie so I can’t wait to explore! Love the party!
-Submitted by: Cutegirlyay
3. My must-do activity is explore the reef and go on fun adventures like I do every dayXD
-Submitted by: Selena7660
4. YO! I love working at the Marine Life Institute! I’m a lifeguard, and I help, feed, play, and do much more things with the animals! When I’m finished, I can have a good lunch at the picnic bench with my Puffle! Then I can go shopping or work at the shopping place! Thanks for this party and post plz!
-Submitted by: Mckeala
5. The most important is to meet with other players and make some new penguin friends. My favourite meet-ups are #TogetherThursday #StampParty and #MeggMonday 😀
-Submitted by: Gocio
Huge thanks to everyone who helped contribute to this list! Want more things to do? Check out the comments section in the original post HERE.
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-Club Penguin Team
So if you would like to tell @ClubPenguin what you enjoy so far of the Finding Dory party, leave a comment on their post. (link below)
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No New puffles or CJ Shadow ??? [MUST SEE]

Thanks to Nico for providing the pictures. Megg has recently said there will be “No new puffles this year” and also said there will be “no Card-Jitsu Shadow” Check it out.

No New Puffles

No Card Jitsu Shadow

So what do you think about Club Penguin not bring any new puffles to the island AND not bring Card-Jitsu Shadow?? Please leave a comment below this post, on any questions or opinion you have! Thanks for reading!

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Megg Reportedly Pushing for a Music Jam in November @clubpenguin

Ever since people heard there was going to be another Frozen Party on Club Penguin, people kept asking to bring back the Music Jam in 2016. Megg has responded, saying she will try to push it into November. Check it out.

So what do you think? Will the Music Jam come back to the Club Penguin island? Leave a comment below, telling what you think about it, and make sure to keep checking in for more Club Penguin updates! Thank you to Bloxorz for providing the picture!

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