Recruiting Session!

Flipper: Don’t forget the Senate Applications below!

Mchappy: Today, January 31st, is my half birthday!  Yay?  If you were wondering I am now 13 1/2.

Hey ACP,

Chase: It’s me Chase, you’re new third in command! I was recently promoted to fill the massive hole left by our now retired 3ic, Skloop. Some of you doubt my choosing, but I swear: I will NOT let you down. Now down to the recruiting, I may not be there due to family issues so I need at least one of the owners to be there. If not, highest rank will lead.  I will be gone for just a few days, for personal reasons.. Now here is the information… Sorry for the short post. I’m sure I will do better next time.


What: Recruiting Session!

Who: ACP – Army of Club Penguin

Server/Room: Grizzly, Town

When: Saturday, February 5th


11:00 AM PST

12:00 AM MST

1:00 PM CST

2:00 PM EST

7:00 PM GMT


Flipper: This event is mainly for Europeans, or people who are in a GMT related time zone. We are really sorry that the events have not been very friendly to you, but now it’s about to change! Everyone else, please try to come, but I do know that it will be early for you, I’m sure some of you enjoy a lie in! 😉 We will mainly be recruiting for half an hour, testing out new phrases that will help boost our army’s size. Remember, nothing is ever perfect.

Thanks to Flipper for helping me with this post.

-Chase & Flipper

Senate Elections (Applications) **CLOSED**



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A Liberation of Mammoth(?)

Flipper: Monster’s pictures don’t work for me..

Hello ACP,

Yeah.  We did it!  I reckon we won’t see SWAT on Mammoth for a while.  I never once saw them once except at the Dock where they were mindless wondering around.  I think our tactics were very nicely played.  I have a lot of pictures and I’m sure it will help us improve.  Before I jump into my post keep on a look out for a recruiting session and senate elections on the site.  I’m trying to make sure ACP is flowing easy.

Now, before you look at the pictures and say “ACP IS FALLING!!!!11!”.  We aren’t.  Actually, in a way, we are growing.  I had scheduled this battle approximately less than 40 hours prior to the battle.  That is less than two days!  Some of us never knew it was going to happen.  Also on the side note we were on Mammoth.  Mammoth.  Yeah, the server that always gets full anyway.  I believe this was better than the tactic session a few days ago; and we had more notice about that.  Now lets get to these pictures :mrgreen:

The following pictures are from Monsterfully.

Thanks Monsterfully for the wonderful pictures!  Now I have my pictures, enjoy.

We log on 30 minutes early and start recruiting at the Town.  We make a pentagon, yet I get locked out 😳  No pictures, sorry.  Anyway our recruiting was very successful and we surely got a lot more troops.  We than moved to the Snow Forts but we had bots chasing us.  We kept moving rooms but the bots would always been there.  They even said once “we are here to ruin your war with swat”.  So we moved to the Plaza and decided to try and fight them there.

We decided to fart, and boy was it smelly.  I really like how organized we look.  But this was only the beginning.  We than charged the Snow Forts quickly making a line.

That’s no lie.  Our line wasn’t the greatest because people kept bunching up.  I do like how many people said the tactic though, it was way more effective.

It was time to bring back the “Hamster Bomb”.  This was created back when Boomer was leader and it hasn’t really been used much.  I thought it’d be a nice touch to the battle.  We than moved to the Town knowing SWAT had no chance against us at the Snow Forts.  When quickly entering the Town we made a circle.

This wasn’t my favorite picture, but it still shows our great circle.  We decided to use the sick faces showing that what we think of the bots that were following us.

The bots were really getting on my nerves so I decided we should say “GO AWAY” to them, maybe it’d scare them off?  Instead they just “lol’d” at our faces 😐

Yeah, were so cool.  We like flowers and we don’t care who knows!  😆  We wanted to give them flowers, the bots.

This statement is totally true.  We mad a good line and spammed this phrase a lot.  SWAT started to lose recruits at this point; it was seeming like an easier win.

By a request from Drigo2 we decided to do this tactic.  Green is my favorite color, and it definitely is the best, so it was pretty fun doing this tactic.

Without doing clovers throughout the whole battle I thought we’d have to do it sooner or later.  Staying in the line we did our symbol.  The only thing I dislike about this picture is the talking.  When we do a tactic, do it, don’t just talk.  You never know when I’m taking a picture. We went to the Snow Forts were the battle is was originally held and declared our victory.

ACP has defeated the SWAT!  Great work yesterday, soldiers.  We did very well in almost every category.  Now it’s time for my grading of this battle.

Size: 55 to 65.

Chat: Two groups.

Tactics: Above Average.

Grading: 8/10.

Nice work!  That was so much fun, especially the pre-battle.  I hope everyone else had has much fun as me.  Promotions are very soon, don’t worry.  Thank you for serving ACP this month.  We are definitely consistent with events and would put up one heck of a battle.  Hopefully SWAT will finally leave us alone, I doubt it, but this battle just proved that we are better than them.


Senate President/New Plan for Legislative System

Hello ACP,

I’m back! Well, not really, but sort of. For those of you that do not know me, I am Klug1234, former ACP Second in Command, and was a soldier in this army from late December 2008 until October 2010, I believe, when I retired. I would imagine the majority of you have never heard of me. No matter though, I was still what I was. Ever since retirement, I have been looking for ways to attempt to make armies-specifically ACP- better. I constantly comment on CPAC, and worked there for a little while. Some of you may know me from the comments around there. Some of you may know me from chat, where my name is “Toilet”. Long story, but it is what it is. Anyway, Mch asked me if I wanted to be the President of the Senate. Seeing an oppurtunity to help ACP, I gladly took it. I have a plan for ACP’s flawed legislative system. And I hope you guys like it.

The Plan

Part I: Elections

Elections will be held every four months. These elections are open for anybody currently serving in the Army of Club Penguin. Applicants must fill out a form with their Club Penguin username, rank in ACP, and a small speech with why they should be in the Senate of the Army of Club Penguin and what bills they would propose, why, and how they would like to change the army. As Senate leader, I-and with help from Mchappy if necessary- will pick up to ten people from each rank to move on to the election round. Given that some ranks may have less than ten people in them (the higher moderator ranks), I will try to advance as many people from each rank as possible.

Elections: Part II

Once we have the ten or so candidates for each rank chosen, we will hold the elections. The polls will be organized into the soldiers’ ranks. (i.e. corporals will be in the same poll as other corporals, Field Marshals in the same poll as Field Marshals) Senate candidates will, once again, be given the opportunity to make a small speech that will be inserted under their name if they wish. Any current soldier serving in the ACP may vote, and they may vote by leaving a comment with their nomination for each rank on the election post. The elections will be open for a total of 7 days. After the 7th day, no votes will be counted towards the results. No cheating whatsoever will be tolerated. This includes encouraging others to vote for you on chat, whether in main chat or Private Chat. Anyone that sees this will be encouraged to report it to an owner rank, and anyone that does it will be automatically removed from the elections.

The owner ranks of the ACP (or any willing person) will tally up the votes. After the votes have been tallied up, the top 2 vote getters from each rank will win a spot on the Senate. This creates a total of 32 senators, plus the Senate President (me) and honorary Senate members (i.e. the owner ranks). This will make a chat of 39 or so people if all allowed into the Senate meetings are present during any particular meeting.

Part II: How the Senate Works

Now, some of you may be thinking “Why should the low ranks be represented in the Senate?” Good question. In the past, low ranks have either not been allowed to be in the Senate or have had a very slim chance of winning the elections in getting into the Senate. The idea that all ranks should have representation in the Senate comes from the protests by American colonists all the way back in the 1770’s. One of their most widely known rallying cries was “No taxation without representation!” This meant that they did not believe Great Britain should have been forcing them to pay taxes while they (the 13 colonies) were not represented in Parliament. Putting this in ACP terms, why should the lower ranks have to follow the laws of ACP if they do not have someone of equal rank to them representing them in Senate?

You see, if someone has an idea for a bill in the USA, they can write to their local Senator or House of Representatives member. If said Senator/House member likes the idea, they will present it during a meeting of the Senate. Therefore, if a Corporal has an idea for a bill, they would find one of their ranks’ representatives in Senate, propose the bill to them, and if they agree, the bill will be proposed in a meeting of the Senate. Likewise, if a Field Marshal has an idea for a bill, they go to their representatives and present the bill.

I suggest that each ranks’ representatives to Senate work together on bills and their reactions to bills that will or are being proposed in Senate. All bills that are to be proposed in Senate must be presented to the Senate President before said meeting, preferrably by email. I (The Senate President) will overlook the bill and decide if it should go on to be proposed in the next meeting. (Note: I’m not really going to not allow a bill to be presented, I just want to make sure all bills that will be presented have a good reason behind them and are well explained) All proposed bills must have a lengthy explanation to them to help the Senate President pass judgement on whether or not it will be presented in the actual meeting. If the Senate President deems a bill to not be voted on in Senate, it is vetoed and will be sent back to the Senator or Senators who orchestrated the bill for editing, or if they choose not to edit it and send it back, it will be forgotten.

The bills that do make it to be proposed in Senate will be proposed in the nearest meeting. There will be two meetings a month for Senate, meaning each term will have eight Senate meetings. There is no limit on how many terms you can serve on the Senate. To get a bill passed, it will have to have a simple majority vote. Simple majority is over 1/2 of the vote. So, if 20 Senators are at a meeting, any bill that is proposed will have to get over 11 votes to be passed.  IF a bill is not passed, the Senator or Senators that proposed it may edit it to what they will think may give said bill a better chance to be passed and re-propose it in the next meeting. If a bill is presented in Senate twice and is not passed both times, no bill of the same name or description may be proposed for the rest of the term of Senate.

Given that there will be two Senators for each rank, it is not mandatory for every Senator to attend every meeting. If a Senator can not make a meeting, there will be (hopefully) the other one there to represent their rank and vote on bills. Once again, it would be prudent for the Senators of each rank to discuss and work together on bills they create, want to create, or help create, and discuss with each other and the soldiers that they represent their opinions on proposed bills. Senators must remember, they are not just representing themselves, they are representing everyone in that rank.

Part III: Powers And Duties of the Senate



Of course, the Senate is nothing if it is not granted a little more power than just creating laws, right? To balance out the power between the leadership and the Senate, the Senate will hereby have the following powers:

  1. The ability to remove and replace a leader- If the current leader is not popular with the public, and a Senator or Senators notices unrest with the leader, any Senator has the power to bring a vote of “No Confidence” upon the leader. This would mean that the Senate has the power to remove the leader with a 3/4’s vote once the charges of a vote of “No Confidence” have been brought up. If 3/4 of the Senators vote that the leader should be removed, the leader is to hand over control of the site to someone and either he or the Senate will choose the next leader. If the leader being removed refuses to cooperate and does not give control over the site in the chat back, no order of that person is to be followed until he or she gives control to the site over to whomever may get it while the Senate chooses a new leader. To prevent this power from being abused, this power can only be brought up once a year. This is to prevent the Senate unfairly removing leaders that they do not like. This is also a civil way to remove leaders that are not leading in the interests of the public without having to resort to rebellion, couping, or something that could potentially hurt the army.   Anyone that brings forth a vote of “No Confidence” must have good reason to be attempting to remove the Supreme Commander. In the event that a vote of “No Confidence” is brought up, all Senators must vote, regardless of who is at the said meeting. This power may also apply to any high ranking official of the Army of Club Penguin, including the Senate President.
  2. The Senate may have the power to appeal a firing of a soldier that they feel is or was fired without good reason or cause. The accuser must have reasonable evidence to bring this appeal to attention of the Senate. Likewise to a vote of “No Confidence”, all Senators must vote on these as well.

Anyway, this is how the Senate will (hopefully) run from now on. If anyone has any questions about this, please feel free to ask me to clarify things for you on chat. Hopefully we’ll be getting Senate election applications out soon.

Senate President


Unscheduled Events

Hey ACP!

You might have noticed some changes around chat related sites and pages… Specifically under the chat. That’s right, you’ve probably spotted this new unscheduled table lurking above the rules, you might be thinking,  what is it for? Well, It’s fairly simple. Each leader (Leader, 2ic, 3ic) is given a day that they can lead unscheduled events on. Then, from then on, it is their mission to get everybody on CP, unscheduled.

So what does unscheduled mean? It’s quite easy really. Scheduled means a fixed date, you’ve been warned about it, but stick a “Un” at the start, and it’s the opposite – It reverses the meaning of the word. So basically you don’t have any warning, you just get on CP when the leader wants to. You don’t HAVE to get on CP when they ask you to, but if you do – It heavily increases your chance of getting a promotion.

The table gets updated quite a lot of the couple of days, and the current one has Skloop, who has now sadly retired, involved. Now it has been updated with our new 3ic – Chase. I’m sure he will be making a welcoming post soon enough, but that’s all the information at the moment. Please don’t turn this into a flame post about 3ic – This is about unscheduled events, and nothing more, nothing less. So without further ado, the current table:

Pretty cool, eh? This might just be a small and short post, but I just wanted to raise awareness about this new program going round, hopefully you will be loyal enough to help us get on CP, and keep our status as the Largest Army of Club Penguin! Comment on what you’d like to do in an unscheduled event – A raid? A tactic session? A Patrol? Or maybe just going back to old school with a nice old recruiting session.


A couple of months ago, ACP had a special branch of the army. Anyone remember the Senate? Well, not to suggest anything.. but from rumours I’ve heard, it’s coming back! There may be a couple of old faces returning too.. maybe a toilet might have quite a high position. I’ll let you to ponder on what that is! There may be elections for the maybe returning senate too, but yeah, we’ll have to wait and see…

That’s all I can think of for now, comment your opinions!


Viva La Mammoth

*NOTE: SWAT made the times, not me!  I am so sorry European soldiers.


Date: Saturday, January 29th

Server: MAMMOTH, Snow Forts







***ACP CHAT***

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Acp is in a Golden Age but for how long?

Mchappy: I think the idea of this post is to be motovational!  We are ACP, and we will always be ACP.  We need to work together and keep us being the most known army in the world.  We set a huge example through out the CP community, if we prove that armies can grow than CP armies grow.  What I’m trying to get across is that we should never give up.  We know our potential!  Lets be the greatest we can be!

ACP is in a Golden era in my opinion i see why we are. We have everything leadship needs. We have experence leaders in ACP that have been in ACP for 2-3 years! On top of that we  got talented leaders that have VERY good leadership skills. As we bring in our new 3ic and 4ic we bring in more experence and leader skills to our crew!  If an ACP soldier goes to a battle that person will see ACP reaching over 100+ ACP on Club Penguin in  a battle. Next up is chat we have been toping 3 or more chats for the past few battles biger then any army. Our views are mostly over 3,000 – 4,000+ every single day. I might post about the views down the road to show everyone how many views we been getting but lets save that for later! As you can see you could say ACP is in a Golden age but how long will it last? Like in real life with America during the 1920s, 1950s, and 1990s we were in a  Economic BOOM! Everything was great everything was just about perfect. HOW ever there would be a downfall like at the end of the 1920s, We would enter a depression during the 1930s. Now im NOT saying ACP will be in a 10 year depression or anything like that but we got to be careful on how we go about things. Right now ACP is in what i call an  Economic boom. On how the ACP  Economy works is that more people join and stay in ACP the better the  Economy gets. The less people that join and retire from ACP the  Economy how you want to say gets bad. An ACP depression would be just like having less people join ACP and lots of retirements and having maybe 30-50 ACP at a battle. Now 50 is still a lot but from ACP size it is more like 10 people to us. Now ACP won’t enter a depression anytime soon but this is how it went in real life i have a feeling it will happen down the road but not for a long time. So let’s not worrie and enjoy this time to keep growing biger and have a lot of  fun! This is what ACP is all about having fun coming home from school going on ACP chat and hanging out and being a normal kid and enjoying life. So as you can see in my opinion ACP is in a  Economic boom. But sadly like i said in real life usually a depression will follow but even if we enter a depression it won’t last super long because we ACP always get back up no matter what will happen. That is why were the number 1 Army on Club Penguin.  This is it for now and i will be doing something called a month in review in my next post that summerizes what happend during the month of January. This is so new recruits can see what they missed and for everyone else to look back and see what happend! This is all for now

PS- Comment what you think about this Golden Age so far!


Graduation for ACPTR!


I am very disappointed this month nobody graduated do you wonder why?That’s right because you all were being lazy…..Naaww!I’m just kidding Happy Graduation Day!But before I announced who graduated let me start with this months review:

January Review

Review of Cadets

Total Number of Cadets Joined: 135***[NEWW RREECOORRD!!!!!]***

Black Drill Team: 45
Green Drill Team: 50***[NEWW RREECOORRD!!!!!]***
Blue Drill team: 40

Total Number of Active Cadets:  21

Most Active Cadet: Dykgraaf and Wiomard!!(Congrats ;D)

Comments: Amazing.

Slider’s words:

Great job cadets, its weird to see all of you who started out as major noobish people (no offense) and come out as graduates and be official ACP troops you are ready now to continue your journey in ACP good job this month 1st GRADUATES OF 2011!!!!!!


Review of Drill Teams

Largest Drill Team:Green Drill Team
Smallest Drill Team: Blue Drill Team

Most Active Drill Team: Green Drill Team
Least Active Drill Team: Blue Drill Team

Black Drill Team: Great work ;D
Blue Drill Team: BLUUEE ISS COOL



Blue Drill Team:

None ):

Green Drill Team:

Jerm77Nieb B+ -2nd Lieutenant

Pengy1220 A+-1st Lieutenant

Dykgraaf  A++ -Captain

Wiomard A++-Captain

Cutie188466 C- -Warrant Officer or 1 Rank up if Warrant officer

Black Drill Team:

Taipan1998 C+-Warrant Officer or 1 Rank up if Warrant officer

Smart Alec4 A+(For Being with us during our tough times)

P77154689-5 B+ -2nd Lieutenant

Mew2red B -2nd Lieutenant

Small Peni12 C+-Warrant Officer or 1 Rank up if Warrant officer

SwAgDuGi A+-1st Lieutenant

Ironehide C+

Wizkid A

I am truly proud of you guys :mrgreen:
~March on~

Tactic Session: Review

Hello ACP,

ACP is known as the weak army with bad tactics, but that will all change.  I understand that I did not give much preparation for this event, but we still did nice.  We proved to the “mysterious person” that we can get good numbers with almost no warning for an event (less than 48 hours notice, no one got on early, etc.).  We tried our best at our tactics and we did well!  One tactic we did was very difficult and we were so close to perfecting it.  I will admit we aren’t the greatest army at tactics, but we are the greatest army because we try harder than any others.  Let us get to those pictures, huh? :mrgreen: .

The only thing bad about this line is the huge gap, but otherwise it looks very nice!  You could already tell that at the beginning of this event that we would do great.  I wanted us to move fast so this is when we get on right away. I didn’t even order clovers and we had lots of people doing them, that’s cool.

Without warning I ordered us to make this tactic.  Brand new; as you can tell this was our “difficult” tactic.  I think we did well with just learning how to form this formation.  If we get this tactic down than this could very useful.  We’ll need to keep working hard though!

After lots of confusion with the tactic above, we went to go try out our “Waterfall Tactic”.

The ‘Waterfall Tactic’ is where you get in a line on the chatbar and than, using an emote, you bomb the room by going up and down three times.  NOTE: You don’t need to be in a line to do this bomb!  I think we did well, could of done better, but overall very consistent with our performance.

Than we did a quick bomb and were on our way!

Than we marched from the Town all the way to the Plaza with clovers.  That is why we are all bunched up, we wanted to stick together in our march.  The march was one of my favorite parts because it worked really well and everyone listened.

Congratulations, ACP!  That was a job well done.  I have decided after every event I will be judging us on our status.

Size: 60 to 65.

Tactics: Below Average to Average.

Chat: Two groups.

Ranking//How well did we do?: 7/10.

As you all know I am a very tough judge, yet we still did amazing.  I think we did great seeing as I made us get on at the last minute and you didn’t have a lot of warning about an event.  Our tactics are really getting better, I can’t wait until we can learn more and perfect more.  I am very proud of everyone who came.

Who cares how big you are, or how smart you are.  What matters is if you are all connected at heart.  The heart is the light to everything.

~Kingdom Hearts


The Retirement of Sklooperis

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