CP Illuminati…and you laughed


Many of you do not know this, but Mr Waffle 45 and I, Snaily5, are Heads of ACPSIS, ACP Secret Intelligence Service, and the ACPSIS is alive and well.  We are watching out for the security of ACP and CP armies.

Recently, I’ve been posting telling ACP to prepare for what is coming.  The other day I informed our owners in a meeting about what we are calling “CP Illuminati” and not only did Flipper7706 and Foldez laugh at me and distract the others from my valuable information, but they told all of ACP chat about CP Illuminati and made a joke our if it, encouraging others to laugh along, heckling me. I did not want to provide proof at that time because I have credible information that Foldez is our owner spy that we’ve been looking for and had information about.  Sadly, her actions against ACP and our recruits, ruining US events a while back by not leading or doing tactics and quitting events, and general negative attitude towards ACP further shows disloyalty.  She has framed and ambushed me with our troops, I have proof, and she gives secret, private owner meeting information in our public chat, fact.  Flipper7706 cannot be trusted because he also distributes private post information from our ACP site to the public on ACP chat, and lately has expressed negative attitude and obvious dislike, showing disloyalty towards ACP in chat.  I did not trust giving them proof of CP Illuminati, but I think it’s time ALL of ACP and CP armies know what is going on.

What we are calling “CP Illuminati” is knows as Operation Search and Destroy, Operation Death, Operation Final Assault, Operation Wasp Nest and has been in the works for 2-3 years.  It’s goal is the complete destruction of ACP, our chat, site, ACPTR, and even our xat accounts through hacking.  The plan also calls for the banning of our CP penguins by overloading CP administration with complaints, using our ranks page as a guide. It’s mission is to also obliterate all of ACP armies.  These people, and yes we have a huge list of names of those involved, have a hit list of people to eliminate to achieve their objective. Funks is #1, I am #2 (which we have already witnessed by HSA leaders recently who attempted to hack my email, Dos and Dox me), and Mr Waffle 45 is #3. Funks because he is leader, Supreme Commander of ACP and my brother and I because we are ACPSIS Heads and know too much of the plan.

We have some amazing generous informants who at one time were part of these operations, but were betrayed and left to get revenge by giving us information.  I will not name many of our informants, but our most recent one Phantom, aka Tannerboss (former ACP infiltrator, busted, and current HSA Leader) was bribed by Mr Waffle 45 today using his powers, and gave us valuable information confirming everything we had to date on our records.

Phantom/Tannerboss, whose previous personal objective was to get armies fighting and into war with one another, who defaced SWAT site and ACPTR site already, states that the operations to destroy ACP begin this Saturday, March 2, 2013.  They are going to invade all of ACP servers as well as hack ACP to shut it down. Just as our other informants have told us, Phantom/Tannerboss willingly told us thus confirming the owner spy in our ranks is Foldez.  We knew we had an owner spy and I have been watching very closely our owner’s activities. When I became 3IC on December 8, 2012, somebody took Foldez off the ranks as a distraction to add a big spy named Flippa, who was Max43810 and Waterkid100, to our ranks.  Foldez accused me of this atrocity, but little did she know, Boomer20 added me incorrectly to the ACP site as an “author” not having access to changing anything on the site, other than my own personal posts. Very suspicious.

Funks, I have been informing you of this for a long time with email, screen shots, and in PC. Owners I’ve been hinting and trying to prepare you for this, but nobody is listening. What good is ACPSIS information if there is nothing ever done with that information? It is useless unless it can be used and acted upon.

Recently, I’ve been screaming about information I have acquired on infiltrators in ACP ranks. It’s part of the plan to destroy ACP and once again has fallen on deaf ears.  As ACPSIS Head, it is my duty to do whatever I can to protect ACP and Funks must give me that power or ACPSIS cannot successfully fulfill our mission.  With this in mind, I have recently deleted several infiltrators, participants of the big plan, from our ranks.  These people should have never been allowed to join as they have a long history of horrible acts in CP armies.  I will make certain that anybody on my list of people who are supportive or participate in CP Illuminati cannot join ACP.  We have many spies in our ranks, and several I know. Beware, you won’t get far.

You may laugh all you wish, but it’s real and it’s happening. Phantom/Tannerboss states it is happening Saturday and my other informants state it will happen by the summer. Either way, it’s coming and we cannot let it happen.

ACPSIS is not in the business of releasing secret information, but for the security of ACP and all CP armies, these plans of utter destruction must be made public and we must do what we can to prepare and stop the implementation of these apocalyptic operations.  People who are participating in these operations against ACP and CP armies must have serious consequences for their actions.  They claim they don’t like what has become of CP armies, yet the majority on the list are the ones who have changed the culture of CP armies for the worst.

Now for a bunch of screen shots to prove everything.  We have even more, but won’t show all of them.

The discussion with Phantom about Operation Death

The discussion with Phantom about Operation Death

Today’s conversation with DXDZN, aka Dudex who tried to get my email and Dos me previously.

Waffle's conversation with DXDZN today.

Waffle’s conversation with DXDZN today.

Anonymous informant talking about Operation Search and Destroy and Operation Death.

Info on Operation Search and Destroy and Operation Death.

Info on Operation Search and Destroy and Operation Death.

Operation Final Assault information.

Operation Final Assault

Operation Final Assault

I know this is a lot of information to handle, but we have info from different informants saying the same thing.  This must be stopped.

I’m really sorry for the length of this post, but much had to be said and I hope you really think about it.  I don’t want to see ACP be destroyed nor any CP armies.

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  1. 1. Nobody wants your email or wants to Dos or Dox you, stotp with ACP propaganda, it’s getting annoying. There would be no gain with you being hit offline, you’re just a 3ic. nobody needs to get into your email because you’re only an author. ACP propaganda and ignorance at it’s finest.

    2. The part where I laughed the most is when none of that is true LOL. I’ll come out clean and say Phantom and I made that all up for the powers. Phantom was telling me how somebody was giving him powers for fake secrets so I decided to join in on the fun and make some quick xats. The BA has no plans at all actually, Tanner isn’t even a leader of a BA army, he wouldn’t know jack.

    Thanks for the long post of nothing snaily, now you can delete it LOL.

  2. I died, snaily, this is CP, lmao your pretty mad at flipper and foldez don’t try get them out for a higher rank, remember CP.

    Lmao, your honestly as idiotic as waffle, are you sure your 18? Wow, cp illuminati? oh goddd, sometimes coming to my door ahhh

    • Yea Qwerty, we know about you too. Go ahead and downplay it, the proof is there. As for higher rank, I’m not in ACP for rank and I’ll do my best and give all I have no matter what rank I am. I’m not 18.

  3. So you’re taking the word of people who’ve previously plotted against the ACP to decide you’ve got evidence against fold? Snaily, lets be frank, you’re just looking something to catch Fold with.

    • No I’m not, but others apparently do. I don’t need to catch Foldez, her actions speak for themselves. This isn’t about Foldez, this is about ACP and CP armies. I have much much more info not shown here.

    • Actually Tom we were not trying to do anything to Foldez or Flipper. The fact is me and Snaily had classified info on these plans. We only released them due to the fact they are happening soon possibly and that we have so many spies. Besides, it is obvious we have a spy in our owner ranks, The majority of my evidence was first provided by one of my top spies. I cannot tell you who they are.
      This post is NOT about Foldez. It is about CP Illuminati. Foldez was just part of it according to this. This info was mainly released not to take out Foldez or anything against anyone. It was released to show them we know what they’re up to and expose them.

      • This is entirely about Foldez, you are having a pathetic fight and seem to be trying to find ways to hurt each other. Beforehand, you could say that Snaily was the one who was only being insulted, but now…

  4. Furthermore, this CP illuminati stuff is at best a group of wannabes, I’m yet to ever even hear of someone in CP armies with these kind of skills. Yes, Foldez has mocked the ACPSIS but as Waffle has largely refused to tell anyone what is going on, and acted as though nobody has a right to know anything else, it does get a rather bad opinion. And this Illuminati sounds ridiculous.

    On ridiculous, stop being it. You seem to be desperate to blame Fold, and frankly, maybe you both need to take a break until this ridiculous feud is sorted.

  5. Please don’t miss the point of this post, it’s not about Flipper and Foldez, IT IS ABOUT ACP AND CP ARMIES and the future of them given serious threats from several different informants. I’m truthfully hoping it’s not true, but we need to be informed about these things.

  6. I’m the one who ruined USA events 2 weeks ago?
    I was still leading the USA force 2 weeks ago.
    I was laughing at your theory?
    I ask for proof and you raged at me.
    And before you say there are out of context, I took them at the time they were typed.

    • I never said 2 weeks ago, where did you get that from, but that is beside the point. Also, once again secret meeting screen shots. Yes, during this meeting I was giving info to owners on this threat and you kept interrupting me with nonsense bull trying to distract from the main point, so i finally told you to shut up for once. The fact that I have information on you being a part of this, I was reluctant until now to show the proof and given your history of distributing secret information to the general public, I didn’t feel you were trustworthy. Sorry, no offense meant, just truth and fact. In that screen shot, I even told you that you were on the list, but I didn’t believe it. I didn’t want to believe it. These screenshots prove I was trying to be fair. However, today we have Tannerboss willingly without coaxing or baiting stating you are involved. How tragic.

  7. And Funks wonders why ACP struggle to get into the top 3 every week.

    It’s because Funks has hired the biggest bunch of immature, useless batch of owners. This post just highlights it, to be honest. If I was ACP leader, Snaily, Mr Waffle, Galaxie and whoever else would of been gutted out a long time ago.

    ACP owners do nothing but cause drama, when they should be recruiting. Snaily you made a post on “cracking the whip” But how do you expect ACP members and mods to recruit if you’re setting this sort of example? You are just causing complete drama, when it’s really unnecessary. Be real, name one person who has ever had the ability to hack in our community? Exactly.


  9. The Foldez thing was a lie. I was just messing with you guys. I want to give Waffles powers back. I don’t feel right for taking them. If you’d like them back just contact me Mr.Waffle.

  10. Tanner was just making up a story to scam Waffle out of powers. As for the other “informants”, they’re just trying to cause controversy. None of the hacking-based actions referenced are even possible anyway. You can’t embed malware into a WordPress site, and you can’t DDoS a xat chat without taking down an entire server belonging to xat, which no one here is capable of doing. Secret invasions would be pretty pointless as well, since there has to be notice for them to count. ACP has treaties with a majority of BA though, and LT and DW are both involved in a war, so there is next to no truth to any of the informants’ claims which the exception of an ever-persistent risk of being hacked (which is unlikely to happen any time soon). We appreciate the attention to detail regarding these matters of security but I can assure you these claims you’ve been informed of are baseless, to no fault of your own. The top priority should just be to assure we are not allowing spies to reach high-ranking positions. Beyond that I see little reason to be concerned.

  11. And here I once thought I once led a credible CP Warfare imitation of the Illuminati (BOD). Granted, I sucked at this job and it fell apart quickly.

    From my experience in CP Warfare, alleged, mass underground plans (usually with a destructive, hateful motive) simply fall apart quickly. This is still just a kid’s game. Plan members lose interest, circumstances in the community unexpectedly turn against them, the plans end up leaked, people realize the degree of hacking they want to commit is not plausible, and the whole group disintegrates not too long after forming.

    And the evidence suggested here leaves me convinced Phantom and Dudex are just playing a joke on you. I suggest you listen to what Unknown told you.

  12. It’s sad, the sort of fall the ACPSIS has taken. There’s a funny thing about these sort of organizations. When you do stories like this, you have to realize who’s serious and who just likes to hear themselves talk. From what I can see (and the majority of this community agrees), these people just like to hear themseleves talk. As Unk pointed out, never has there been a person in our community who can hack, and never will there be, as there are probably only about 1,000 people, or less, in this community. We’re too small in the grand scale, simply a small faction of the MMO that is Club Penguin.

    Let me also talk to you about the history of the “CP Illuminati.” Some five groups, if not more, have claimed to have some sort of omniscient power over the CP army community over the past year or so. The first was probably when Pungy of SMAC worked to uncover the identity of Violantealleta, coming to the conclusion that he was Rawkinman. Further research was done after his discovery to suggest that Vio, Rawkin, and others were part of some group, known as All the Kings’ Men, that “oversaw” armies. Another humorous note about all this is how Lord Pain has always cited himself as the god of armies, and claims to have orchestrated every coup, promotion, and any major event thereof, since he joined armies. Recently there’s been talk of a steam group called the CP Illuminati, that believes they do the same thing. Now you’re talking about another one.

    What’s my point? It’s irrelevant. I can tell you I’ve been thinking for myself over the past two years. I would bet you Funks, Unknown, Albert, Bluesockwa2, and a hoard of other people would tell you the same. There’s no such thing. Well, there may be a such thing, but it’s basically a bunch of people parading around in costumes who pretend they own the world. And, granted, in every modern real-life society, there are people who do the same. But the fact is these people can’t hurt us at this point, because we are the army elite. And I would beg to say they couldn’t hurt anyone in this community, elite or not.

    On a final note, I struggle to find the correlation between this story and the story about Flipper and Foldez. If you’d like to push for their firing, that is a private conversation you need to have with Funks, because doing it on here only turns you into Public Enemy #1.

    Have a good day~

  13. You know who the Illuminati are, right?

  14. snaily and waffle you and such nobs, its unbeleivable

  15. ” Flipper7706 cannot be trusted because he also distributes private post information from our ACP site to the public on ACP chat, and lately has expressed negative attitude and obvious dislike, showing disloyalty towards ACP in chat.”

    Snaily, get your facts right you idiot. It was a PROTECTED post with a PASSWORD. If you wanted absolutely no chance of public getting it, you SHOULD of made it private, but you DIDN’T. It wasn’t to the public of ACP chat, it was to 1 person called Twingy – Twingy, the guy who used to be former top mod and turned down 3ic, and has about 103994% more brains than you. Negative attitude? WHAT IS THERE TO BE POSITIVE ABOUT? ACP is doing really bad and you aren’t helping posting this obvious lies and idiocy and ruining ACP’s reputation. What I say which is “negative” is about 10x more useful then your arty farty motivating posts are.

    • ^ My British compadre has got a point. We aren’t friends for no reason (Wary)

      This all seems far fetched and insane. Flipper is a former ACP Leader, MoH recipient and my best friend. I trust Flipper. Why would he want to destroy the ACP? What he is saying is the truth and it should not be ignored whether it is negative or not. This entire thing sounds so over dramatic and has made ACP the laughing stock of armies not to mention yourself and Waffle who already has a pretty infamous reputation among CP armies.

      I am sorry but this entire post made you look a bit stupid in front of everyone and there is a huge and well-written CPAC post laughing at us already. Suppose this was all in fact true, but why would you go posting it around? That alone gets people laughing that we suck cause we are too noob to keep secrets, not to mention the secret document was a huge far fetched plan to destroy ACP with no credible evidence other than statements from a few probably unreliable sources.

      Where is the hard evidence that Fold/Flip is trying to destroy the ACP. What Tanner said is not evidence. If Fold was against us she could have done much worse at sabotaging us. Fold isn’t a bad person and is not trying to get you fired. Yes she can sometimes be negative but look at us, there is a lot to be negative about. Foldez is a welcoming person and I can swear on it. I once went on ACP chat disguised as a noob aka Kerfuffles and I asked Foldez if I could join. She was not negative at all and had a welcoming attitude much to my own surprise as well. I have told Foldez to be nicer or at least act like it but it doesn’t help that you are speaking so negatively of her in one of your recent posts.

      Foldez is not disloyal, you can say she sucks at 2ic but she is not disloyal. She is a good soldier at least and I haven’t seen her doing anything bad. She stays up over midnight to go to ACP events. I don’t think you are giving Foldez enough credit.

      Maybe you aren’t trying to get Foldez fired, but everyone thinks you are which makes you look terribly bad. I understand you truly thought this was going to happen and did it for the best of ACP but next time think it through first. Even Boomer has come out and proved your theories implausible. Like he said we like that you are trying to look out for the ACP but don’t get carried away. Maybe the spying has gone to your head. Perhaps you can devote your time to helping the USA division instead of spying. If you spy next time get proper evidence. You and Waffle always seem to get evidence that isn’t really evidence. Stop taking people’s word for everything.

      On the plus side your one post got us 229 hits which is more than anyone else’s posts right now.

  16. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!! <that's a joke, but I am serious. I have some computer knowledge, and I am above the rank of captain, so I will do all that I can!!

  17. “CP illuminati.. and you laughed” Yeah we laughed, and we still are – you’ve made it 10x worse for yourself and ACP

  18. I don’t know if I can speak for anybody else, but I’m still laughing. You released SECRET information that I’m guessing, should have stayed undisclosed. Great ACPSIS heads you got there guys.

  19. This is funny.
    Also, ACPSIS can’t ‘protect CP Armies’, or even itself because of the large amount of stupidity in the ACPSIS.

  20. People are still laughing.

  21. Everyone is writing tonnes about this post. All I can say is Lmao.

  22. i lol’d

  23. I know BA being in it for well over 3 months and being involve in multiple activities with them I know that armies from there know what’s scratching at the edge and then falling off the edge is. They would never do this. Waterkid may be a partial idiot in my opinion, but I’ve never known him to hack at all.

  24. Snaily5 is Right we need to take down these people when we still have the chance.

  25. This is obviously a ton of lies. Waffle you were scammed. Obviously. 🙄 Saturday came and nothing happened.

  26. I came back several weeks later and laughed some more.

  27. Aaah, this posts cheers me up everyday!

  28. WELL. All I can say is RIP ACP, Snaily and Waffle were right.

  29. I’d still love to know who the person with the blacked out name is.



  32. Still laughing

  33. Still laughing.

    • All you are doing is making yourself appear immature to others. This was a revenge plot against me because I took qwerty’s mod away for four lousy minutes because he was purposely ignoring me on something extremely important, and it was my right to do so. He gathered several people to plot this whole thing to bring me down in revenge. They all were given the same info to feed to my brother and I. Seeing it was legit looking, coming from so many individuals, I took the bait. I was gullible, I admit. Qwerty’s plan for destruction and obliteration of my outstanding reputation was successful. Qwerty confessed to Boomer about the plot and apologized. To spare the already struggling ACP the negative firestorm that followed this mentally traumatizing prank, I made the ultimate sacrifice to ACP.and retired immediately. I posted a public apology for my mistake and moved on rebuilding my reputation.
      You bringing this back up only shows immaturity that I would not expect from an individual like you Slider. You, yourself, have made so many mistakes. I have forgiven you and stood up for you and by you, as it was the right thing to do. I believe when people make mistakes that they should.be forgiven and and opportunity to right the wrong. Qwerty has since been driven out of this community, that we know of, because of the repeated pattern of abuse that he forced upon others.
      Please, show honor and move on from this, bringing this up only reflects upon you at this time. Do the right thing. Thanks 🙂

    • Damn you just got rekt by Snaily doe

      • Go make some more worthless comments on cpac and leave the grown ups alone rocky.

        • Slider, do you ever know when to keep your big yap shut or know how to keep your negative Nancy ass comments to a minimum? First of all I already mentioned when I visited chats on August 9th (because I only visit on the Sunday of the first full week of every month unless I am mod in which case I will visit a few Sundays like 3 at most) I said that I finally learned and realized that at the very least half of my comments were worthless and unecessary. That does not mean all of them. The ones that were stupid comments were my random LOL and LMFAO replies (majority of them), the ones where I kept bashing the people I don’t like because I was being pushy at the time, and most of my comments from 2013! But all in all I think 70% of my comments were pointless and I am not going higher because I may have made a lot of stupid comments in the past, but I did make serious ones too that actually got MORE likes! But seriously you and other teenagers never learn to think before you act. Set a good example for yourself (The only good advice Waterkid’s ever given to me LOL) and don’t be the guy who’s always trying to be a smart ass, jerk, or who acts like some kind of know it all because then you’re simply embarrassing yourself bud. You’re just making youself look like a big asshole, which I had the manhood to realize after I left at the end of July! From now on you think hard before saying something to me because next time I won’t be so forgiving! 😀

        • Also you watch who you’re talking to cocky ass because you’re just as unauthoritated as the majority of us are being the fact that most of this community is adolescent teenagers and a few 18+ year olds once in a while

        • Also you’re being quite unprofessional

          • Why does he need to be professional? It’s CLUB PENGUIN.

          • You’re right but my point is that he’s being irrational

          • That isn’t leaving bud, and whatever. You’re your own enemy really. Anyone who reads your comments can figure that.

          • Yes I realize that I have made many mistakes since August of 2013 thank you very much and I am not rushing this so IF you really think only visiting one day is month isn’t considered leaving then idk what to tell you

          • And with that I wish you the best of luck in life, take care, pce, arriva dirchi. I’ll be off now from cp armies. Its been fun.

          • Wait you’re leaving because of me now because I wasn’t trying to force you out or anything?

          • Y’know what Rocky. I apologize. Goodbye. Take care.

          • I forgive you too man

          • Lets all move on. Best of luck in your future endeavors and at college. Sincerely, Slider568. Pce.

          • Slider, that was big of you and thanks

  34. A year later this is still funny.
    Also wondering who the person blacked out in some of the pictures is.
    It’d be fairly cool to find out

  35. This is still so funny

    • I have scars that prove otherwise :/

      • Sorry, but what were you actually thinking here?

        • I was fed over the course of 3 months false info from several people to make it seem legit. It was a compete set up. A revenge plot. I may have been gullible but I thought I was saving an army I dearly loved and cared about. My intentions were good. You wanna be abusive and mean to someone who deserves it? Go attack qwerty, his intentions of harming me was evil and satanic. Not mine.

          • Stop blaming Qwerty for your mistake. What evidence do you have that can be used to blame Qwerty?
            It wasnt a “revenge plot” stop using him as your scapegoat.

            a) You and your brother were the ones who approached Phantom and others, and asked them for info. If it was Phantom and many others who approached you, and if Waffle didnt have powers for them to take in return, then sure, it may be a plot. But it is obvious that you were the one searching for these people, not the other way round.

            b) What makes you think it is Qwerty’s fault? Sure, he has done many mistakes in the past, but that does not mean he was involved in this. Even if he was one of the people who gave false info, he was just doing it to either get powers or make you look like a fool. Even then, dont make it sound like he was some kind of mastermind who went around gathering people to go against you. If it’s true, show us pictures of it. That didnt happen, did it? By now you should have realized they were simply doing it on their own will, to get powers off waffle. It was your fault, your mistake, dont push it to Qwerty. Like what you did when you broke up with Peguin/Andy, you pushed the blame to him, instead blaming yourself for being dishonest and going back with pete vance.

            c) You dont even appear to accept it is your mistake, your still pushing the blame. And you dare ask for forgiveness?

            d) you didnt forgive me either when you thought i made mistakes, so you lost your right to ask forgiveness from others. Like what Skyfish said, you really should follow your own values before trying to teach others them.

            e) You claim Qwerty made the plot because you removed his mod for 4 minutes because of something important. What is it? Were you like..interrogating him about CP illuminati? Because if that is the case, then of course he ignored you.

            f) There were many times where you said stuff like “ACP betrayed you”, and stuff like that. It wasnt ACP’s fault to be angry and for them to laugh at you. You made a mistake, a huge one, you made false accusations on people, of course they were angry. They didnt betray you, you betrayed them by accusing them, and not getting your facts right first. Blame yourself again, not them. Any loyal troop who was accused for spying would definitely be angry with you for doing so.

            g) You called slider immature. True, laughing even til now may be quite immature, but it is nothing compared to your maturity when you wrote this post, and your level of maturity to still push the blame to qwerty, and then suddenly blaming the whole of ACP for “betraying” you.

            h) It is no doubt your intentions were good. But you were wrong to blame people for laughing and angry at you. Just because your intentions were good isnt a reason good enough, because what you did could have caused loyal troops like Foldez to be fired, and ruin the reputation of several other ACP troops.

            I made a similar comment in RPF site, and you made several replies, but avoided answering this questions. In the end, all the comments was deleted. Whatever was the reason, you cant blame me for thinking it was because your conscience wasnt clear, and that you just didnt want to face defeat.

          • snaily the fact that you just said evil and satanic makes everything you ever say from June 2, 2014 at 11:41 PM and on irrelevant and retarded

          • Thats one long reply no one will read tbh.

  36. this is still funny
    especially since two idiots wrote it

  37. This still gets comment in the summer a year after

  38. Still laughing! LOLOLOL

  39. Still laughing! ILLUMINATI!

  40. The Lols continue

  41. Don’t get it


  43. Never gets old

  44. What if the CP Illuminati is real and they released this so that people would be ever less suspecting of its legitimacy. Hang on, let me get my tinfoil hat.

  45. Still funny

  46. rip in penguins illuminate
    died of ebola

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  53. My point: Illuminati originally was formed as a good group, fighting for women equallity & some other things. They’re looked at differently because of all this pop culture stuff about them. Why would cp illuminati be bad.


  55. Is there another name you can choose other than illuminati because even though most people don’t really think it is real others do I believe they are real and are working with the spiritual powers of darkness to deceive the world this is no laughing matter

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    Let’s all just take a moment to remember this glorious post. Nothing anyone could ever do in armies could surpass the sheer magic of this post. No CP army legend, veteran, or leader can ever hope to achieve such status as this very post has.

  57. This will never not be funny.

  58. Like if you’re reading this in 420 A.D

  59. Laughing because retarded stupid people

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  61. This post is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Old this post was posted on 1st March 2013 today its 22nd May 2015

  62. And still laughing 2069 Lul

  63. June 17th 2015… still laughing.


  65. personally i don’t find this at all funny

  66. IW is laughing.

  67. still laughing.. snaily.

  68. Hey look what I found!

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  70. And I’m still laughing… a little bit more today for good reason. Huehuehue.

  71. I miss you Snaily 😦

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  73. fuckin heck matey the bad boys are coming to Eat UR VAGina????<<<

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  75. October 24th 2015, still laughing.

  76. still laughing man. still laughing.

  77. “CP NWO: And you laughed about the illuminati” If this could be like a sequel/follow up it’d be funny af

  78. still laughing

  79. This is the dumbest/cringiest thing in ACP history and I feel that Snaily and Waffle should be banned from the army for being so delusional.

  80. I’m gay

  81. first of 2017 to say it,

    still laughing

  82. still laughing but crying inside because cp is shutting down

  83. ACP’s final event today and still laughing.

  84. ACP is dead and I’m still laughing.

  85. its the new year and im still laughing

  86. april 2018 and still laughing

  87. lol

  88. What the Puffle did you just flipping say about me, you little grub? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Penguin Secret Agency, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on numerous igloos, and I have over 300 confirmed stamps. I am trained in Field Ops spyware and I’m the top agent in the entire Elite Penguin Force. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will report you with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this island, mark my words. You think you can get away with saying that grub to me in the Pizza Parlor? Think again, buddy. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of moderators across the Discord and your room location is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, pal. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you called your account. You’re banned, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can report you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my in-game methods. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed supervision, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the EPF and I will use it to its full extent to wipe you off the face of Club Penguin. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you wouldn’t have pressed enter. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you rule-breaker. I will rain moderators all over you and you will drown in them. You’re flipping banned, kiddo.

Army of Club Penguin [ACP]: let us know what you're thinking!

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