When Nachos Attack..

Hey ACP!

As we didn’t have an event today, Funks and I quickly made one 30 minutes in advance. We logged onto Breeze 5 minutes early and got some quick recruiting done. We had around 25 penguins as the event began in the Town when we did a few tactics. The Stadium was our next area to to mess around in when we encountered a pleasant surprise. The Nachos. Yes, they decided to raid our event again and this time they were asking for a war. Their practice battle with the Light Troops(scheduled) changed into an attack of our fairly unscheduled event. When the Nachos arrived we had around 20-25 against their 15. The event soon had both armies around the same size for a while as we bombed each other and changed formations. The Nachos did overtake us in size for the rest but our tactic consistency was about the same.

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I’d like to ask you all to stay concentrated on chat with no side conversations so we can execute tactics properly. We did good today but some aspects of the event weren’t up to scratch. I know this was planned extremely late but we need to be ready for these things :D. We’re now in a war with the Nachos, possibly our greatest rivals and I wish us to do well. This war will be the first with Slider as leader so we need to give it our all. Comment for your 3 medals. These will go towards your July count!

Ek ACP Commander General

My Last Declaration of War On Behalf Of The ACP Empire And Goodbye

Hello ACP,

Today is one of my last days as ACP Leader. I am only retiring as Leader. I will still be in the ACP so this or my next post is not a retirement post. However Flipper is probably retiring so he can chill on chat, his post will be a ten thousand word post. My retirement post will not be that long as I like to keep things to myself although I will be mentioning very many people. Oddly enough as I retire as leader, the Nachos declared war on us for some reason. The ACP is again in a state of war. Even if you all wanted me to stay for this last war I physically can’t get behind my computer as I will be hundreds of miles away from home.

“The ACP Empire hereby declares war on the Nacho Empire”

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Hey all

Today we finished our last recruiting in our event set made by Slider. Our gathering was held on Breeze due to Mammoth’s lack of penguins. We logged on 10 minutes beforehand with around an unimpressive, 7 penguins. Once we hit the hour we had 15 online ACP. We chanted phrases and did emotes at the Town for around 20 minutes. We held a chatbar line for the entire time but decided to move for even more recruits. The army shifted to the Iceberg where quite a few penguins followed to apparently, tip the room. Continue reading

I don’t care about Lemons

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The Return of the General Meetings

Hello ACP!

As I’m sure you can tell, I havent been posting a ton lately. The reason? I got a job cutting lawns, and I have had nothing to post about! However, I now do! I was thinking about an event I could plan, and I remembered the General Meetings and how succesful they usually were. So, I decided to make it happen again! Also, I would like to say that I’m very excited for this Summer, it is going to be a blast!

What? An ACP Generals Meeting

Where? xat.com/stewscorner

When? Sunday, July 1st

Times? 3 est, 2 cst, 1 mst, 12 pst, 8 Uk (All times PM)

Who? ACP Ranks Brigadier General-Leader


Tactical Geniuses[RESULTS]

Hey ACP!

Sorry for the day old results post but I had to leave soon after the event yesterday. We logged on Mammoth with around 15 minutes before the event began and we held a chatbar line. I let Mariosatr and Funbob do some recruiting phrases in the pre-battle which they did rather well. When we hit the hour, we moved to the Iceberg. Our size was around 15 which is fairly ok. To beat our size, our tactics were spot on. A lot of people were kind of spamming the chat asking to lead the event during tactics. As the event was almost over I didn’t want some people to lead whilst others didn’t. Maybe we could have a uLead session soon to make up for it. Our highest point throughout the event was about 20 which I know we could improve on. We did get a bit advanced for that size as we tried a double line and separate emotes for each. Nearing the end our tactics fell a bit but we did well for the majority.

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All in all, we did great in tactics and fairly good in size. Our next event is Friday so try your best to make it and help out the ACP. Comment for your 4 medals!

Ek Commander General 


An ACP Zoo

Hai dere, ACP!

It’s early in the morning and guess what ACP did.  We had an event.  This was an amazing event considering it was so early for Americans and that most Europeans were still in school.  Unfortunately us Americans cannot just guess when Europeans get out of school (the time), so if you’re a European please comment at what time school ends for you.  Than the owners can make fair European events for y’all to get medals.  If you came to this great early American event then please comment for your FOUR MEDALS!

I’m not sure how our event yesterday went; nobody has posted about it yet.  From my understanding we got around twenty on CP.  That’s pretty good, but not as good as today.  For today’s event we maxed forty and averaged about thirty-five.  I didn’t really pay attention to our chat size today.  On the other hand, our tactics were pretty much spot on.  Remember that all this happened at seven in the morning (PST) and 3 in the afternoon for Europeans whom were still in school.


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Nothing else to really say except to remember to come to the other events.  Also remember to comment on the promotions post thus hopefully you can get a promotion by the end of the month.  We really need to get the recruiting in if anything big is bound to happen, so make sure to be there (at the one tomorrow).

Let the marching begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Head General

BreezeRecr#1 Results

Hello ACP!

Today we had our first recruiting session of the week. To be honest it could have gone better if there wasn’t so much lag and since I wasn’t on until 2:55 Ek wasn’t aware we had a recruiting session so we didn’t get to log on early. It wasn’t too bad for less than a day’s notice but next time we need to do a bit better. Xat was being butthurt so temp mod will be given out to Simply Leave and Agent223 at a later time and for working so hard, they also get an additional medal! The moderator who stood out today was our very own Mariosatr, Ken or Flipper please temp owner him for five hours, he also gets an additional medal too! This event was lead by Ek and Myself with Flipper helping  a bit too. Our size was okay and our tactics weren’t too special today but thats why we’re going to have a tactic session tomorrow.

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Everyone else gets five medals for a job well done! Remember that promotions are coming up and it can’t hurt to get some extra medals, if you have a very impressive number you might just hear a double promotion! Be on ACP chat a half hour early and if for any reason an owner isn’t logging everyone on at least 15 minutes early be sure to remind them! Try not to go idle, afk penguins really make it hard for us to do good. Thanks to everyone who came.



FunFunFun Fjord

Hai dere, ACP!

I decided not to post this yesterday because there were already four posts.  That’s a lot and I didn’t want to make y’all read so many posts.  So here I am making a post of all the fun on Fjord yesterday.  If you weren’t at this unscheduled tactic session thing you’re probably thinking: “doesn’t Fjord belong to Nachos?”  You would be right.  Please comment for your THREE MEDALS if you were there!

On June 24th, Nachos scheduled a raid but it was undecided whom they were going to raid.  Of course when the time came all of their soldiers picked ACP; us being their natural rival.  Owners had a feeling that this would happen so we got sight of it quickly and logged on to Breeze (which is the server they picked).  Nachos were bigger by around five more but were losing size.  The town was full so both weren’t that big.  Flipper7706 came and told us to move to Fjord in which we got much bigger.  We did so and did pretty good.  We maxed twenty, I believe.  Sadly I only took three pictures.


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Oberst543, Nacho leader, assured me that it was just all in good fun.  I guess it would have been fun, but since the they didn’t tell Flipper7706 nor Kenneth1000 about it– ACP might take it as an attack.  Obviously though we need to work on our unscheduled sizes and moderators need to stop going AFK all the time.  It’s rather annoying.

Let the marching begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Head General

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ACP Recruiting Session #2

When: Friday June 29th 2012

Where: Mammoth

Medals: 4+ 


2:00 PM Pacific

5:00 PM Eastern

4:00 PM Central

3:00 PM Mountain 

10:00 PM Europe 


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