Coup D’Etat

The Army of Club Penguin is in a critical state.  Our active post shows that we have far more soldiers than both the Nachos and IW, yet we may not be any larger than they are.  We have become inactive beyond what is recognizable just on the surface.  Our hits are as low in some cases as they were back in November 2008 when we were defeated at Mammoth and nearly succumbed to civil war.  The current leadership is unqualified, uncaring, and uncompromising, and something must be done.

For those of you who have been on chat recently, you know it has been complete chaos. Meat banned two of our former leaders (Shab and Dry) for speaking their mind, and de-modded some of our most respected soldiers like Ennbay. Those of us who believe in freedom of speech took offense.

If you have spoken with our (former) allies recently, you know that in barely a week, Meat has become probably the most hated ACP leader in quite a while. It has come to the point where the Nachos make an example of him to publicly humiliate ACP on a daily basis.

If you have spoken to our very own soldiers recently, many have expressed great dissatisfaction towards the current ACP leaders, Meat in particular. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of sitting on chat watching our own soldiers receive bans for speaking their mind. I am sick of hearing about all the retirements of our top soldiers because they cannot tolerate this behavior any longer. I am tired of the pcs telling me we must be rid of Meat, that ACP is falling, that we are doomed. Meat seems to think he can do whatever he wants and ignore the advice of some of ACP’s best leaders and soldiers. He only takes advice from his close circle of friends, and to anyone else, “you are not the leader”. In other words, your opinion does not matter.

He has de-admined us so that we have no control over the site, and he is doing his best to make sure it stays that way. He has surrounded himself with his friends, many of whom are deemed by most to be unqualified for their positions, mostly because they are the few supporters he has left. I can deal with other armies disliking our leader, but when the majority of our army wants to remove him from power, I cannot sit by as we lose soldier after soldier. We, leaders and soldiers alike, have worked too hard for this army, to have it destroyed by yet another divide.

Soldiers, let me ask you this. Why are we following a leader who has no intention to listen to what the soldiers want? Meat has refused countless times to take into account what Dryvit, myself, army leaders, and many of our own soldiers have asked of him. Instead, he banned Shab overnight and threatened to make him a mod and contributor for as long as a month if he didn’t accept his deal which can be seen below.

Meat's Deal

When Dryvit, respected in ACP for always being fair and decent person, tried to defend Shab, he was unjustly muted:

Meat Mutes Dry 2

This from the Nacho site:

“Since when does the leader of an army control his/her soldier’s thoughts and actions? Since when can they force a soldier to agree with them? Seems like Meat is scared of losing power so much that he has freaked out.”


It’s kinda interesting just how much of that Aka got right…

Meat Begging

If anything else, we need a leader who can remain calm in pressure situations, who won’t overreact and ban anyone who opposes him. Meat has already proved incapable of this, and it is a characteristic all leaders need, something many of us knew he lacked when he became Co-Leader. He makes decisions based on his feelings and not through rational thinking. Thus, a simple argument results in a ban because he lets his emotions control him. Leaders must control their anger and be rational even in the most trying situations.

The event that really frustrated me was Meat’s general lack of consideration for armies other than his own after the end of the recent war. During the Mammoth conflict when Shab was leader, the Nachos returned all our servers so we could rebuild from our loss. Meat, in the same situation, has refused to give back any of their servers (even though we already had enough) simply so the Nachos couldn’t have them. He knows the Nachos need Fjord to recruit, but he completely refuses to show any consideration for an army that is in dire need of help after losing their site. He knows the Nachos don’t have the strength to beat us right now, and he is using our power to take advantage of them. That is not the mentality of a good leader. The Nachos and other armies could have easily finished us off those many months ago, but they, like the great leaders of the past, respected their enemies’ surrender and returned their servers. If armies are to have any hope, the World Powers cannot beat up on the smaller armies until they themselves are destroyed. His refusal to repay the Nachos for when they returned our servers confounded not only the Nachos leaders, but many of our leaders and soldiers as well.

Many of the people Meat has surrounded himself with act the same way, because he chose only those (just about the only ones left) who shared his opinions.  Meat really only accepts advice from Nono, Matt, and Ganon, and turns a cold shoulder to anything Dry or I say. Likewise, what the soldiers want does not appear to matter to him (as we can see from recent events on chat). His response is always to the effect of “I am leader, you are not.” In other words, your opinion does not matter.

Matt is an interesting pick for 3ic as well. When Dry was leader, Meat promoted his good pal 3 ranks for the 3ic spot when there were plenty of capable Generals available. Matt (the leader that hides at the bottom of the chat without a name) was soon demoted for not doing anything. After Fox’s retirement, the 3ic spot opened up again, and most people expected someone like Ennbay to fill the spot. Instead, despite what happened last time, the 3ic replacement was Matt.

Here is another good example of the kind of leader Meat supports:

What kind of leader blames the army’s problems on the soldiers? As a leader, you are responsible for everything that goes on in the army, good and bad. It is your job to look out for the soldiers, to listen to them, to do what is right for them. To blame all of your deficiencies on the them is about as low as it gets. These are the kind of leaders Meat surrounded himself with? You Sir, are a disgrace to this army.

Soldiers' Fault

We cannot sit by and watch as generations of soldiers’ hard work and countless hours of service to this army are destroyed by this uncaring dictatorship. Some of our best soldiers are threatening retirement, respected soldiers banned for speaking their mind. The time is now.

At 8:00 pm PST on September 25, 2009, I hereby declare a coup d’etat against the leadership of ACP. The time for decency has ended. You lost that priviledge once you put yourself above the soldiers of this great army, who work hard every day to make this army everything it can be, and you cannot even take the time to consider their opinions. There shall be no need for impeachment, for in a dictatorship such as this, there is no need for democracy. We now control the site, and I reserve the right to take you out by force.

Myself, Shab, Dryvit, and countless unnamed soldiers, are here to stop this. The site, the chat, and the army, are in our hands once again. And we are here to return it to the rightful owners. ACP belongs to you, the soldiers, who are the reason ACP is where it is today. We shall not fail you. This time, things will be different. I can promise that ACP will be more active than ever before. Once again, we shall be leading with you in mind. An army is nothing without loyal soldiers, so it is only just that you have leadership that will listen to those whose opinions matter most. “Forget past mistakes. Forget failures. Forget about everything except what you’re going to do now – and do it.”


73 Responses

  1. Are we being overthrown?

    Boomer: No just the previous leaders, ACP will be fine (even better than it was).

  2. So Sean has been overthrown

  3. Wow… A stunning post, if I do say so myself. Well Boomer, good luck. I will be very interested in seeing who YOU pick as the 3ics and 2ics, seeing how that’s why Meat had a lot of people against him.

  4. Yesh… Finally… finally…

  5. Boomer, oh wise one. Meats picks for 3ic and VP ticked me off. Congrats to Tylov for the 3ic position. Maybe I can be added as a contrib as Mr. Opinion. :O


    Boomer: Sure thing!

  7. Good Post, Congrats to Tylo for the position.

  8. 9th and i so agree!

  9. Ooh, Meat! I totally love the new you! I’m sooooo happy you’re seeing things my way!

  10. and plus, who else has alot of experience

  11. And we SO need to talk more. You’re like, Weegee’s new favorite person. Don’t listen to everyone else. Everybody’s mean sometimes. ;p

  12. Hail Boomer, protecter of unrecognised peoples!!!

  13. Boomer, does Nachos got Fjord back now then?

    Boomer: Correct.

  14. Very good post 😀 Just wondering does a leader make a post before he is in command? Because if not something like the leader being half in (same power as a 2ic) for about a week maybe,he can post what he wants to achieve and then maybe a Practice battle to look at command skills and then a senate meeting or something to decide if hes in? Its a long idea but it is possible to have it all take place in one week or maybe 1 or 2 days longer. But atleast we would know how the leader works etc.

    Boomer: We’ll I’ve been leader before, so a fair amount of people know what I am capable of.

  15. i think its all wrong for dr nono to blaim the soldiers we do our best and i dont see him on every battlefield on cp and weegee you think its right for sean to ban acps best leaders acp is heading to civil war

    Boomer: I agree with you, a leader should never blame the soldiers, however the point of the coup was to make the leadership secure and to prevent a civil war. ACP will be fine, don’t worry.

  16. I smell the CP Armies’ version of the Watergate Scandal….
    Meat’s become the Nixon of CP Politics….

  17. Yeah ur right. (OMG MEAT BANNED ME ON CHAT) All the arguments I see end up in : You are banned forever. You are a guest. END OF DISCUSSON. new topic. Sure, get rid of the evidence. I spoke my mind as FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and now Meat hates me because I don’t agree with him.


  19. boomer never leave his soldiers on the war i was with him.Now i dont think any new leader do that cause no one want really defend cp but they want to just leading

  20. AMAN

  21. Great Post Boomer! Unfortunately, I agree. It’s sad it had to come to this, but what Meat was doing was just not right.

  22. Finally.Most of us kinda alreadyknew what was goping to happen…Read Dryv’s retirement post’s comments and you will see we already knew.

  23. Great Post Boomer! You’re right 100%. And thanks for the server back.

  24. w00t! w00t! GO BOOMER

  25. Thank you Boomer. Great post I totally agree with you. I say we have a big recruiting week once your leader again. By the way mod me on chat! XD

  26. Coup Detat means that the army overthrows the government ….is this really happening?

  27. If change doesn’t happen, I will retire. End of story.


    but im so glad that your leader now again boomer.

  29. There is an old saying, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Enough said.

  30. it was for the best

  31. The Nachos never even finished their active count and, as you said, active counts don’t mean everything. The Nachos have a bunch of die-hard troops while the a lot of the ACP’s troops are people that show up to one battle every two months and then complain about not getting promoted.

  32. Soldiers, let me ask you this. Why are we following a leader who has no intention to listen to what the soldiers want? Meat has refused countless times to take into account what Dryvit, myself, army leaders, and many of our own soldiers have asked of him. Instead, he banned Shab overnight and threatened to make him a mod and contributor for as long as a month if he didn’t accept his deal which can be seen below.

    well said boomer!!!!!!!!

    p.s. i won the bet that sean would go mad with power!

  33. I like how things are turning out. Not like how the leader is destroying everything. But how you guys are taking a stand. Finally you… acp… have realized what Next genereation of acp tried to do. Finally someone can turn things around. Next gen couldnt because you wouldn’t listen. But 3 former leaders doing it. Finally good will come to acp.


  34. <yes! I knew it! I will support you and Dry. Boomer. I wanna get back at all the strcictness meat ha caused

  35. boomer can i get a mod rank ive been in this army for 2 years and to be a mod is all i ever wanted oh and i got the most promos during boomers leadership

  36. wait, so does this mean that boomer, shab, and dryvit will be the leaders again? i sure hope so!!!!!!!

  37. Awesommmmmmmmmmmmmme

  38. Zecktroid, on September 26th, 2009 at 8:54 am Said:

    00Rate This

    I like how things are turning out. Not like how the leader is destroying everything. But how you guys are taking a stand. Finally you… acp… have realized what Next genereation of acp tried to do. Finally someone can turn things around. Next gen couldnt because you wouldn’t listen. But 3 former leaders doing it. Finally good will come to acp.


    Yeah, well Zecktroid. The point of Next generation was to destroy ACP, force Commando into command, and start preaching about how great democracy was. That wasn’t exactly what happened.

  39. …lol…

  40. I agree with Boomer meat was an unfit leader and was driving ACP closer and closer to colapsing.

    ~Robin888 ACP Adjunct Genral

  41. i think meat should be given some other kind of chance

    I know what hes going through.


  42. Whoa… Boomer, we all knew we could trust you. We knew you’d save acp in it’s darkest hour. Now you’ve done it. It’s good to know SOMEONE around here still has some sense.

    One of my freinds wo co-runs the CP army I lead Recenly made a post about the CP army troubles at this time. It’s terrible. Club Penguin armes are just people fighting for what they belive in, I guess. Yet somehow they always end up being split or having civil wars.

    Well, I thank you again Boomer.
    Your a true idol to everyone who has any sense.
    Happy trails…


    P.S I know I haven’t been active in ACP in ages. I’m only something dumb like a warrant officer (if i still have a rank :neutral:) But i’ve been trying to work stuff out. A friend told me you’d taken the reigns of ACP once again, and I just had to see this for myself.
    Thank you one more time.

  43. I knew you would return to power once gain Boomer. It was really devistating when you resigned as ACP Leader. Now that your back, we ca go back to the easy times of ACP which I missd very much.

  44. I think I joined at a bad time…


  46. its a coup D’Etat 🙂

  47. boomer, those are cherry picked pictues…

  48. It’s only good if Boomer does it?

  49. Wow, I am shocked, YAY boomers back!!

  50. Boomer cant you do anything about it because you are the creator of ACP right????

  51. YEAH! we get our best leaders back in troubling times.

    P.S Boomer i stole your cookies

  52. shab is the coolest man i met..meat wasent a good leader Boomer will rise ACP again im sure!

  53. Uh Sam, Orgalthorp was the creator ACP. Not Boomer. Great to have you back Boomer!

  54. Ok i did not know that Meat was overthrown cool XD
    I dont think the nachos should get Fjord back because it was a stupid move and the nachos are not die hard troops because they quit easly.

  55. around 4 months and 21 days later i post this if we have learned one thing from this moment is that acp will never fall

  56. Yes, around 7 months later, very cool to read old posts!

  57. “What am I against Saint?” SO UNCALLED FOR but so funny xD

  58. Oops. September twenty-fifth. I’ve been thinking 26th forever. Maybe that’s because that’s when I first heard Meat was even doing an awful job. No, no, I had my hunch he wouldn’t do well from the start, and evidently I was clearly blinded to it, but NOOOO, DON’T TELL FOX! Let her get herself into the plots of phishing her best friend! Let’s do that again sometime! WOO HOO!

  59. Wow, one year ago today.

  60. I know right… Meat seems more evil

  61. Icky i was going to edit or post something about the 1 yr anniversary and how we need to be united and strong unlike how meat made us… But I missed it. Oh well (:

  62. 1Year And A Day Ago This Is What ACP Once Was. But We Still Have Some Rotten Meat (Icey Is The New Meat)

  63. ROAR.

  64. Wow,Boomer you are really the best leader a army xould ever have, I salute you

    P.s.Notice how Boomers b must be capitalized

  65. September 25 should be an ACP holiday. 26, too.

    Still in love with “What am I against Saint?”

    As always,
    Your darling Foxtails

  66. I almost forgot! Atleast I’m only a day late.

  67. Time to celebrate.

  68. You two actually weren’t a day late, at least Ken wasn’t – I’ve been wrong. Meat was couped at midnight for Boomer, Dry, Shab, and myself – September twenty-sixth just redeemed itself.

    And Wick and Ken, I still beat you, I did my hair 😆

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