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ACP Recap #99.5 17-23 April

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Okay yeah, I’m sorry. This is ACP Recap #99.5. Not 100. I just don’t know what the schmuck to do, yeah? Please comment me suggestions on what to do for my 100th. IT’S A BIG MILESTONE YA KNOW! It’s gotta take some time- like YGS 100. YEAH! Okay, well ,  let’s get on with it and have a groovy time reading this post, everyone, while I attempt to think about what to do for my 100th…yes. BE QUIET I KNOW IT’S BEEN A MONTH AND I COULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT IT DURING THAT TIME.

Here’s last poll of the week results- what did you guys do during easter?

Lovely. And here’s new poll of the week: this one’s for you, Super edwin!

Now read on and let’s see how the schmuck we’ve done last week. LET’S GO ALREADY, DARNIT!

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Question of the Day 25

Greetings, ACP! A few days ago, I asked you “What would be in your best dream?”. Here are my favorite answers:

So, for a funny question:

What song do you want to played at your funeral?

Thanks for reading and stay clean.

USA Mining Expedition

 Salutations everyone,

Today we logged on to Club Penguin for a considerably quick mining expedition, of which we haven’t had in a while. We maxed about 22 and averaged around 20. There were a couple of people that weren’t green but did drill / join us in tactics, as expected. This is a nice improvement to see over the past few days. Let’s keep up the good work. After all, there’s always room for improvement! Since my computer was acting up and having lagging spikes I only managed to get 1 picture of the event. I’m not sure if anyone else got pictures of the event, but if you did, add them to this post or comment them.

*Mittens and Skateman were counted in the size.*

great-acp-soldier acpvidprev24   acp-member-uniform-example

Nice effort today. Remember, the 26th is a MANDATORY EVENT day for both UK and USA!