Cry me a Nile River

Nachos were weak enough to call upon the help of WV, even after dan101 begged all other armies not to interfere. Nachos begged for a 1v1 war then apparently begs armies like Golds and WV [Golds were sane enough to drop out]. I guess Nachos have lost all sense of honor since they had to break the one agreement they begged for.

Anyways ACP will be doing just as the incompetent Water Vikings did to Night Warriors more than a month and half ago, Water Vikings [army of helpers/multilogs (just ask bloodline)] will officially be ignored and all “invasions” or possible “defenses” will be seen as invalid and repetitive. Just little over a month ago Night Warriors began invasions of WV’s empire and they immediately responded claiming all their invasions were invalid

[shortly after they fell off the top ten] 

Taking virtual servers isn’t going to make ACP change its leadership, in fact you are doing the opposite, do you honestly think ACP would make swap leaderships in the middle of a war? 

Zing king and Chip are both skints with awkward facial hair who need to take a dip in the world of real life for a minute, and don’t even get me started on Kevin lol.

Rest in Peace Water Vikings, Its sad you guys had to pay Blood Line to multilog for you just to get 1st place lol


ACP Commander-n-Chief

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