We Need To Build A Wall

After the recent attacks on the ACP homeland by the nachos leaving 11 dead in the bombing of breeze the other day, it has been decided we need to build a wall to defend our people. The other day on Christmas the nachos won and delayed our plans to win the war. Now me being someone who has killed over 300 nacho soldiers in battle over my career and having a wall of shame of those who I killed out in the battlefield in my Igloo in which I take the most pride in. However we have plans to make ACP great again the first step is to build a wall. It is going to cost the ACP economy 800 million to build but it will be worth it. No one will ever want to mess with us again. Construction of the wall we begin today. Good luck ACP it is expected to be finished 1 month from today. Down below is the future of ACP and our nation folks.

4 Responses

  1. wat

  2. Nachos = wetbacks

  3. China!

  4. lol Sparky

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