Push Beyond

Is this what major armies are coming to? Foolish lies and trickery.

So many of the same armies that cry out against cheaters and “call them out” are the same ones that sink to even lower levels when pushed with no options. It’s saddening and truly disappointing. I’m not sure if I can ever take any of these armies seriously. It seems armies are now fully dependent on twisted wording and completely ignore the basic rules that all nearly everyone agreed upon at one time or another.

These situations are always hardening, disgusting and ridiculously unfair. But it is to be expected. We as ACP must stand tall against these hack armies, their unjustified behavior will not intrude itself onto us. We must not fall into their slimy pits of disposition and lies. Together we must push forward for a better tomorrow, I want all troops and every ACP staff to really try hard this week. The current ACP administration may act  completely insane – but I assure you we have more common decency than those that surround us in this community.

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction”

-John F. Kennedy

Realize what many great men have spoken and push forward their ideas along with what you believe in. Its all about pushing forward and going above and beyond what would normally be thought as impossible. Together we can accomplish just that comrades, together we can accomplish anything.



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Fight For Freedom

Stand tall ACP – together we can push forward past all these crumbling uproars.

~ Bam117

ACP President & Commander-in-Chief


9 Responses

  1. god bless ACP

  2. 2/8 not enough rocky

  3. Glory to Breeze (flexes).

  4. Words of wisdom

  5. Glory to Bam, great post, and I agree! btw, flexes

  6. You see this is why you keep losing i didn’t even read the post and but i got something out of it. An L. I recommend 2 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms, (5 for Bam) and an herbal bath. Talk to for Shroom prices, starting at 40$ a gram!

    tfw this comment is pure nonsense shit

    • Hello Dez Nachos 1st LT, you are probably of the most ignorant people I have met. Here are a few tips to keep your autism at bay:
      1.) Read the post, it has nothing to do with Nachos, unless Nachos multilog.
      2.) Don’t use a post to a reason why you cheated in a war, or as you would call it “this is why you keep losing”
      3.) Don’t even try and fool me with “hallucinogenic mushrooms” being priced at 40$, you capitalist pig.
      Now I would recommend a good dosage of cyanide, try it, maybe with Big Kev also.

  7. g8 post m8 i r8 8/8

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