Final Weekend Event: Breeze @ClubPenguin #ClubPenguin

Hey guys!

Today we logged onto the server Breeze, at 3pm EST for the final weekend event, before Club Penguin completely shuts down. Today, during the event we was able to have a maximum of 15+ on Club Penguin. And everyone stayed active, and did the tactics through out the event. Here are some pics of the event. Photo Creds, goes to Sonic and Bam. Continue reading

The Weekly Quiz ACP History Edition

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Quick Party on Breeze

Active Count

Greetings, ACP! Last week was the return of the Weekly Quiz and was an ACPTR edition; the winner of the ACPTR edition was Sonic who gets to lead his own event this week as a temporary owner. This week’s edition of the Weekly Quiz is an ACP history. Carry on reading for the questions.

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Huge Kick-off to Christmas Reunion Event



Who: Anyone and everyone is invited!

When: Saturday, December 17th

Where: Breeze (Be


9pm EST

8pm CST

7pm MST

6pm PST

2am GMT

We’re 2nd On The Top Tens’ – Can We Get 1st? @ACPArmy @ClubPenguin

Hey guys!

Today the CPAC – Top Tens’ were posted out onto their website, and the Army of Club Penguin (ACP) has appeared on the 2nd place! Right under RPF, who has appeared 1st once again. (not surprising) We have had a good week, but let’s see if we can do better, and regain our primary spot, we struggled to achieve for quite some time now, and get 1st onto the Top Tens’ once again.

In order to be able to achieve this goal, the ACP is gonna need EVERYONE as active as they can, and attend as many events as possible. And we’re gonna need to have more recruiting session, on popular servers, and get in more recruits.

As both the Club Penguin and Club Penguin Army community is slowly dying out, A lot of the small armies are getting into the CPAC Top Tens’ and is made easier for them to rise up quickly in it. And as you see in the picture of the current Top Ten, we are not that far away from the RPF. So for next week, we’re gonna need to work extra hard, have more events, and have EVERYONE as active as they can be, and more recruiting sessions, as possible. In order for the ACP to reach their main goal, and achieve something that was struggled to reach for quite sometimes, now. And that is to get back into the top number one spot, in the Top Tens, and in the Club Penguin community, as the number one army, ACP has been known too, for the long period of time, since it was created.

Let’s regain our title, and work together to make the ACP great again. I believe we can do it, and i’m sure all of you, believe in it as well. So let’s make it happen!


Until Now,


[VIDEO]Club Penguin: 11th Anniversary by @CPWorldYT || @clubpenguin @ACPArmy

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Video By CP World

The First And The Last @ACParmy @ACParmy2 @ClubPenguin

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As coming back from my very long unnoticed inactive. It is now realized to many people, that armies are definitely at a end point. So this is a short little message to everyone in the ACP. To all owners, mods and members, and members of the POG, etc. The Army of Club Penguin is the first army made onto Club Penguin, and no matter what, we must be the last to survive into the game, despite or small amounts in size, and active. And our lower score onto the Top ten leader board.

We carry out a history in Club Penguin bigger than any other army, known to the community. And the matter how much this army has changed over the years, in leadership, organization, and more. We still share the same potential, through out the years, the ACP has been around. We were the first to server Club Penguin for a full 10 years (btw happy birthday to this wonderful army) and as it is in view, that the end is near, we must do EVERYTHING we can to stay active out on the field, on a daily basic. And no matter how difficult recruiting is now, we have to do everything in mind to get more people into the army. At any cost. Recruiting from twitter, or whatever, we have to do something now, instead of doing nothing at all, because when we do nothing, that is a ticket to the army’s death.

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Club Penguin Cheats For Your Childish Needs

Ever had that feeling where you wanted to cheat your way into Club Penguin even though it could ban your penguin forever? Get clothes that aren’t even on the catalog anymore, coins to buy useless clothes or maybe you just wanted to upgrade your igloo because everyone thinks it’s ugly.  Continue reading

GoodBye Spike Hike!! From: ACP @ACPArmy @ClubPenguin

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Hey guys!

Club Penguin CEO, Spike Hike announced he was leaving Disney and as well of Club Penguin, in a Club Penguin post Waddle On! on the official Club Penguin Blog. Here is a copy of his retirement post, and 2 days ago, he hosted a party before he fully left Club Penguin on the server Fog.


Spike Hike’s Retirement post

Hey penguins,

The time has come for me to waddle on to my next adventure – and so I will be leaving Disney.

Getting to spend time with you all in Club Penguin has been one of the true joys of my life, and it has been for my family too, as all three of my kids have grown up with you in the Penguin community. I want to thank you all for so many special memories and especially thank the Penguin team for all their hard work and amazing creativity over the years!!

I couldn’t make this move if I didn’t feel you were in good hands and I have to say, the best is yet to come! Project: Super Secret looks amazing and should be ready for you to beta test in the next few months.

As proof, the team has given me one more sneak peek to share and here it is:

Of course, I couldn’t say goodbye without one more party and so Spike Hike will make a special farewell appearance tomorrow, Sept. 8 at 3:30pm Penguin Standard Time on the server Fog. If I don’t get the chance to see you Sept. 8, I’ll definitely be back for special events like the launch of Project: Super Secret and anniversaries!!

YOU are what makes Club Penguin so special! Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

Waddle On,

-Spike Hike


I would like to give this time, and say Spike Hike you truly will be missed, and we hope you sometimes come visit us at some point, and thank you for everything you’ve done for Club Penguin.

Make sure to keep checking for more Club Penguin updates and more!

Waddle on,


AUSIA Recruiting Session


Hello ACP, today we logged into Iceberg (a two bar server) and had a little recruiting session and I’d say it went very well we were able to get around 15 on and had good tactics. Iceberg actually went form a two bar server then went up to a 3 when we logged on. I was expecting this but I want 20+ next AUSIA event, we can do it! Carry on reading for more pictures.



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AUSIA War Training [RESULTS]

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UK Mining Expedition on Ice Berg


Hello ACP, We had another AUSIA training and I can tell you that this AUSIA division is growing fast, we have maxed 15+ again! We need to keep this rolling along, we can do it! Also thank you to Purple Slime for the pics!

Max: 15 || Average: 13

ausia to big

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