Club Penguin Cheats For Your Childish Needs

Ever had that feeling where you wanted to cheat your way into Club Penguin even though it could ban your penguin forever? Get clothes that aren’t even on the catalog anymore, coins to buy useless clothes or maybe you just wanted to upgrade your igloo because everyone thinks it’s ugly. 

There are many Club Penguin cheat sites. A lot work, a lot are scams to steal your email address and your bank card numbers. Since I’m obviously the first one to ever make this post I’ll put a list of the best Club Penguin cheat sites where you don’t have to worry someones not spying on you through your camera. If some of these don’t work it’s because I obviously didn’t research enough to know if it sucks or not.

  • Penguin Lodge – This site is reliable and trustworthy. I personally have been using this site for about 2 years. Only time i got banned was when I thought it was a great idea to get the 1st year party and hat and flaunt around in it. Anyway, this site does include an item adder, coin adder, membership competition, igloo adder, igloo music adder and many more. If you wish too track a mascot you can do that too. Only time the trackers work is when the party with that mascot is on. There is also a tracker chat where you can chat with others the location or you can just talk random crap.
  • Membership – This site doesn’t necessarily have cheats and item adders but it does have a good membership generator. The instructions are clear and you must follow them as they are told. The memberships are only 1 week each but you can keep using that site to your needs and just keep getting memberships when it runs out. Note: When you click an ad make sure the ad is still open when you get the membership code. 
  •   Google – Your internets best friend. Use google if you’re struggling looking for some good sites, a lot might suck but you might just find a good one. Seriously though, google will help don’t discard it. Don’t use bing it sucks. I also ran out of sites so I just winged it and put google.


These are currently my best Club Penguin cheat sites I can think of. If the post seems bad it’s because I was in a bad mood while doing this because I just pulled a muscle and it’s killing me…

~ The Owner Who Tried To Find Dory

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  1. For a person who doesn’t post all to often this seems not bad at all.

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