Previous Computer problems [ while they still are a MAJOR hold back] I’m hoping to have it solved soon enough and help ACP get fully back on track to what it needs to be! ACP has some big things coming up! Make sure you are around to be apart of it!

Why witness greatness when you can help make greatness!

Fear not I am only red because I was busy fighting the bad outside of our virtual servers. [coated by the blood of my enemies]

Hopefully soon I can solve these silly problems and be back to doing what I do best! kidnapping children  Recruiting and leading the Army of Club Penguin

~ Bam117


Try my gangster


My reaction when oldies wanna talk big but don’t wanna back it up

Ownership changes to come, people need to wake up.

if any ACP “guardian” is man enough, come take my place as leader

(None of you will but i’ll still put it up for grabs)

cleansing was a breeze

several smaller armies have laid claim to breeze once more so we took a hold of a quick cleanse session previously in the early brims of the morning, I was unable to post at the time [computer being worked on] Anyways pew pew pew. We need to come together and keep pushing forward.

“haylee potter” clever name EHH

we can’t always be perfect right.. grr


Where tf has trader been tho SMH SMH SMH SMH

Anyways nice job to the early birds yesterday YOU GUYS ARE PRETTY CHILL

~ Bam

Tactical Session [Late]

We had an event previously which is to be posted as of now. We maxed around 15 nice job everyone.  I lost the majority of my pics but managed to hold onto 2

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UK Training

Greetings, ACP. Today, the UK division logged on to Breeze and had a training session where we maxed 11. Carry on reading for pictures.

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UK Training @ 8pm GMT/3pm EST

:!:Important UK Training:!:

Date: 5th May


8: pm GMT

3 pm EST

2 pm CST

1 pm MST

12 am PST