ACP Recap #Almostthereto100 15-21 May

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Good, good day, ACP! Purp here (duh) and welcome to my crazy ol’ ¬†ACP Recap! 1 week until my 1 week anniversary and OFFICIAL 100th recap ūüėČ , what a big milestone¬†ey?

Well, well, well, let’s see our results from the last poll of the week! There was a tiny weeny amount of voters due to my post being buried by a kajillion other posts.. it’s the most irritating thing. I got 9 votes. Just 9. Normally I’d get 40+, oh well!

Results from last week- What’s your favourite season?

And summer is our favourite!! Well that’s just dandy, summer is just a corner away! Poor autumn though, no one likes autumn..

Poll of the week

Here’s my new poll, hey hey answer away! It’s a big one.

Now read more e’rrybody!

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