Trader and Bam117’s Final Event

Bam and I have decided to retire from the army, our own posts explaining our side of everything will be posted on Saturday once we retire. Below is the schedule of the final event of our leadership. Make sure to comment if you can attend.

Saturday May 28, 2016

«Goals: 40+»

•Server: TBA•







Recruiting / Raid @CPAC

Hello today we attempted another recruiting session, we hit sizes of 20+ (check the sizes) We had a few interferances due to some botting but we managed to scare them off wih our amazing formations and tactics. Sadly a lost a few photos so I only have 2.

Our incredible crazy formation. (Amazing right) and a total of 22+ troops seen in the photo.

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Message to Armies

Attention all Armies, even if we aren’t on the best terms or great allies – it isn’t of any concern. It’s time we as a community start trying our best to help mold this community back into something better. CPAC’s newly announced project is the starting point of such an event, We as a whole need to come together and throw our input – this time around its necessary. We all know armies aren’t like what they used to be, but we need to remain intact with our self and not completely destroy each other. Its time we start doing something about the state were in.

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