[AUSIA] Quick Ausia Training Session

Hey! Today we had a quick ausia training session. We maxed 18 and averaged it throughout the short event we had. Great job amazing tactics. Thanks everyone who attend the event.

Clover Power


-Posted Late- [AUSIA] March on Breeze

Hey ACP! This is posted a few days late, but a few days ago we had a March on Breeze in which we maxed 20+. Good tactics and amazing formation. Keep it up ACP. 

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Combined event with DCP [AUSIA]

Hey ACP! Today we decided to have a combined event with Doritos. We had a max of about 40+. Ausia did great today, hopefully Doritos show up more often for more combined events. 



great tactics from both armiesScreenshot_49

theyre saying lol trader because im so funny


Doritos running away from the army of club penguin


acp ausia god

Night Warriors No Longer Allies

The Night Warriors have hired a cheater into their army. We do not want to be involved with what they are doing. So we are no longer allies with the Night Warriors.

Flen has been exposed for hacking, ddosing and bot raiding multiple army events.

Until he is fired the ACP will not acknowledge anything that the Night Warriors do, they are not even considered an army with cheaters like him.

Any former ACP who are in the Night Warriors will lose their rank on the ACP chat until they retire from the Night warriors.


ACP Leader