ACP’s 10th Anniversary: Ten Years of Leaders #1: Oagalthorp

Edit: The information on here may not be perfect but I’ve tried to get it as accurate as possible so I apologies in advance for any mistake that may be found.

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Greetings, ACP. To commemorate the 10th anniversary of ACP, Mondo and I have decided to do weekly posts on the leaders of ACP from Oagalthorp to Boomer to us ourselves ; we’ll both be taking it in turns each week to do a certain leader. Today, we start with Oagalthorp, the creator and 1st leader of ACP, who led from the 29th of September 2006, to 1st April 2008.

“This is the Army of Club Penguin. It’s not just an army in Club Penguin” – Oagalthorp

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Funny Pictures from Sonic 2


Hi there, ACP! Here is a collection of funny photos that I have captured, yet again!

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Game Of The Week #3

Hey Guys!

Another Monday, Another Game Of The Week Post 😉

Yes i forgot to mention that browser games and all other kind of games count.

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