UK Training on Breeze [RESULTS]

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Hey ACP, today we logged onto Breeze for a training and maxed 16 with good tactics. Although our sizes have room for improvement, we still did well considering our chat sizes were low. Remember, we have a UK practice battle vs the Nachos tomorrow, this is mandatory and let’s aim for 20+ pics by Edwin and Chuck falay:

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[Ausia] Practice Battle with Golds

Hello everyone, today we logged on to Breeze and met golds with the max size of 8. Yep seems a less than usual, but we will improve on it in no time. The result was a tie. Good job to everyone who attended. Here are some of the pictures:




Retirement of Lord-Panda



As many of you may be knowing, I am retiring from the Army of Club Penguin and CPA. I’ve recently started A levels, which basically means I’m drowning in homework and lessions. Sadly, I  simply do not have the time for CPA anymore. Im sorry.
And thus, this is my last goodbye.

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