[RESULTS]USA Practice Battle vs. NW

Salutations everyone!


Today we logged on for a practice battle vs. the Night Warriors. It was a pretty fun event, with interesting shifts along the way. It was a close one, thus ending in a TIE. We maxed a nice 15 which reflected an improvement collectively for the USA division. This also allowed for some moderators to lead in-combat. Very nice job today, and let’s have an even better one next time! Read for the pictures.


Beginning size picture. Look at that organization ACP!


Overall, it was a fun battle for everyone. We’ve achieved improvement; this is a step in the ladder. Let’s continue to do well and make every event as great or greater than this!





UK Training on Breeze

Important Posts:

Times for the Practice Battle vs NW tonight

Ausia Events For the Week

ACP’s 10th Anniversary: Ten Years of Leaders #1 Oagalthorp

Events for the Week


Greetings Soldiers, today, the UK division maxed 19 on the server Breeze. Our tactics were decent but our sizes are a huge improvement which is a huge plus. Remember to attend tomorrow’s battle training event in aid of our PB vs Army Republic. Here are the pictures, which have been taken by Edwin (we only got 2 good pics)

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