Starting Of A New Weekly Poll: Game Of The Week

Hey guys, i am Jai, And today i am going to start a new weekly poll for “Game Of The Week”

Soo, Lets Move Onto Whats Going To Happen, I’ll Post A New Poll With New Games Every Monday And The Game Of The Week Of A Previous Monday Will Be Announced On The Same Monday Too, So This Post Will Only Be On Monday. Hope You Enjoy It ;D


Vote For Your Favourite Game Above


~Jai Acp Ausia 4ic



UK Recruiting on White Out

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Greetings, ACP. Today, we logged on to White Out for a recruiting session where we maxed fifteen. Our tactics weren’t great today but we can improve on that in the next few events. Carry on reading for pictures of the event.

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I’m very Proud

Hello, ACP

This week you guys were able to reach 3rd on the Top Ten! We made the podium! 

Last week we were 7th so this is a good step forward into the right direction for stability.

I will be the first to admit that I thought ACP would fall in sizes under this new leadership, but you have proved me wrong.

You have proved everyone wrong.

Keep this up as you usher in a new era for not only this army but the entire Club Penguin community. Don’t let the haters rain on your parade.


Events for the week 6th June – 11th June

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AUSIA events for the week

Club’s new series


Remember to comment on the results posts to show you attended!

Make sure to comment on this post which events you can attend!

*** TBA means To Be Announced (Via Chat) ***

events for the week

Today’s Events


❗ UK Tactic Session ❗

When: 11th June 2016

Server: Breeze


  8:30 pm GMT

3:30 pm EST

2:30 pm CST

1:00 pm MST

1:30 pm PST


❗ US Quick Tactic Session:!:

When: June 11th



8pm EST

7pm CST

6pm MST

5pm PST

10pm BST












Ausia Events Of The Week



Thursday, 9th June 2016


4:30 PM IST/9:00 PM AEST/8:00 PM JST/3:00 PM GST/7:oo PM PHT/HKT 


  Friday, 10th June 2016


4:30 PM IST/9:00 PM AEST/8:00 PM JST/3:00 PM GST /

7:oo PM PHT/HKT 


Saturday, 11th June 2016


4:30 PM IST/9:00 PM AEST/8:00 PM JST/3:00 PM GST/

7:oo PM PHT/HKT 




Would you rather #2

Hey guys, It’s me Club. Guess what time it is? It’s Would you rather time! Here is today’s question:

Would you rather be ugly and rich or good-looking and poor?

Place your bets! Also don’t forget to mention the reason for your choice!