[Ausia] Final Warning

Hello everyone, this post is regarding inactivity of  some troops. Continue reading for more.

Recently I have been observing that most of the Ausia troops are inactive, This is a serious warning for all of the inactive troops. From tomorrow, if you don’t attend events or go AFK right before or during the events, You will get a demotion. I am not willing to take the names of any of the troops in this post because they should understand who they are. This post was necessary due to the fact that inactivity has increased. Thank you all for your time.



10 Responses

  1. finally taking strict action

  2. This does not just have to just addressed to AUSIA this is can and somewhat true of all divisions

  3. um I wasn’t active past 2 days as I had fever sorry!

  4. i’m not ausia but I am sometimes on during ausia events and stuff. Yea. Almost no one is on

  5. I go afk sometimes…Yes,yes…But I surely participate in every event.

    • Try to not be AFK during events. If you can’t make an event, tell an owner so they’re aware.

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