Addressing The Situation

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As we all know, the CPA heads have come to a conclusion that AR breaking the treaty is temporary validated. However, if you read further along the post stating this on the CPA site you’ll notice that they cap RPF’s engagements at 6. It is evident that yesterday RPF did engage in 6 defenses against RPF and Nachos. However, if you examine the Invasion Spam Protection rule:

You will note that it limits 3 invasions and 3 defenses, so 6 battles per day. However, scrutinize this particular segment of this act: 

“means that each WAR is limited to 6 battles per day.”

We can all agree in unison that AR, Nachos, ACP, DK, Kings, and TW are not all apart of the same army, therefore not all in the same war with RPF. Each army is within its own individual war against RPF, not all in one large war entirely. If…

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