Hey Snow Ninjas !! :)

I see you posted this:

belly slide

It seems you missed a few bits !
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Snow always melts ;don’t forget that

 Consider this our response to you declaring war on us, Snow Ninjas.

belly slide

I generally would not be writing this post in this manner if it wasn’t for the fact that Snow Ninjas are extremely sore losers; we offered you the chance to regain your capital through invasion. You failed. You’ll fail to invade ours and by the time Wednesday comes you’ll have also failed to defend your only server on the map. Are you sure you still want to cross ACP’s path and melt into nothing? Cancel your invasion of Breeze and admit defeat before you screw yourself over.

Or you can hide behind your posts, claiming we’re dead and rude at the same time, which make no logical sense as something cannot be dead and able to insult you. The time of playing nice is over Jack, by the end of this week, you’ll be begging us to stop or hiding behind pictures you take in the first three minutes of a battle. Either way you’ll be regretful that you dared to insult ACP or to attempt to invade our Capital.

Snow always melts; don’t forget that.

Super Edwin and King Mondo




Salutations everyone,


Today the Snow Ninjas tried to take one of our servers Belly Slide in what was a strong display of force, for ACP. We maxed 14 with great tactics and formations. As the battle continued, we gained some more size and ACP held a distinct advantage over the enemy. Great work today everyone, let’s keep this going!

After the battle, SN were sore losers and couldn’t accept their decimation. They look pretty damn sore though aye?

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UK Patrol of Breeze

Important Posts T0 Read:

Defence of Belly Slide times

Events for the Week

Greetings, ACP. Earlier on today, we logged on Breeze for a patrol session where we checked the main rooms of Breeze for any threats or dangers to the server. We went from Town to Forts to Plaza to Dock and did tactics in each room. We maxed 16-17 in this event. Carry on reading for pictures

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