[US] Training Session [Results]



Today we logged on to our fine capital Breeze for a training session that was postponed earlier today. The start was a little rocky, but it ended up being a nice event in which we got to practice some of our tactics. We maxed 14 and averaged a strong 12-13. In the time from the first attempt of this event and now, we have a new recruit that’s been showing skill right from the start. Thank you to those who attended, remember to RECRUIT! We have a VERY VERY important 3 way battle vs. Nachos and Water Vikings, and we need to be on our top tier game on Sunday. Recruit your hardest everyone, because trust me, it WILL pay off.

Read on for the pics provided by Katie, Antonio and I!

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UK Recruiting Session

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Ten Years of Leaders #Dr Nono Jr and Rapidy

Greetings, ACP.  Earlier on today, the UK division logged on to Blizzard for a recruiting session where we maxed fifteen. Our tactics weren’t as good as they could’ve been however we’ll focus on improving those tomorrow for the Legend Cup Semi Final.  Carry on reading for pictures.

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ACP’s 10th Anniversary: Ten Years of Leaders #3 Dr Nono Jr and Rapidy

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Salutations everyone!

In the last post, we went over the history of Fort57 the post for which you can find here, the 2nd leader of the Army of Club Penguin. Dr. Nono Jr. and Rapidy followed Fort57 and became the 3rd leaders of the ACP shortly after a quarrel was solved between Oagalthorp and Fort over who should be the next leader. Already starting to heat up for you? Well it’s just getting started. Continue reading