[AUSIA REUNION] December 22nd 2018

Hi all,

Flipmoo here. Almost 2 years has passed since the closure of Club Penguin, and with Club Penguin Island scheduled to close by the end of this year, a few friends and I figured it would be nice to create an opportunity for people to catch up with each other and reminisce the past.

Provided below are the details for the 2018 End of the Year AUSIA Reunion.


ALL DAY (Drop in anytime).

LOCATION: AUSIA DISCORD https://discord.gg/nQWwA2v

(Anyone may join the AUSIA discord as long as common courtesy is maintained.)

The reunion will mostly be people talking randomly–catching up with friends, going back through old screenshots, voice chatting, and so on.

Lastly, since this will be primarily an AUSIA reunion, the reunion will be centered around AUSIA time zones. Notwithstanding these obstacles, all are welcome to drop by and say hello.

Hope to see you there.



Madonna’s Last Post as an ACP Troop…

Hello ACP! This is Madonna here! So everyone is aware that CP is Shutting down 😦


Me Screaming..


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Ausia Event at Breeze, Lighthouse!

Hello ACP! Today Me, Elsa and Buggins decided to log in at Breeze, Lighthouse, and we did! we initiated from the ground story of the lighthouse, where the tactics were fine, but when we went to the top of the lighthouse, one logged off, and the tactics could be better….. We Maxed out 7 and averaged 6….Here are the highlights of the event, pics were also provided by Buggins and Earthing…

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The Weekly Quiz (ACPTR Edition)

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Rise of the Sleeping Giant

Quick Unscheduled Ausia event

UK Tactic Session in the Boiling Room

Greetings, ACP! Welcome to the return of the Weekly Quiz! The Weekly Quiz is well a weekly quiz on different subjects, for example a subject might be ACP or flags, the person who has the most correct answers first wins an opportunity to lead an event of their own choice and a fancy trophy. This Week’s quiz is on ACPTR, Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment, make sure to carry on reading for the questions.

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The Rise of the Sleeping Giant


unofficial seal

The time has come, your nation needs you.

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[Murphy Pit] Concrete Surfing

Murphy Pit: I

Good morning/afternoon/evening ACP and club penguin army enthusiasts! Welcome to the Murphy Pit. Today marks the first part in a new post series, which, who knew, is also named: Murphy Pit. This is where I’ll post off-topic entertainment posts ranging anywhere from movies and dreaming, to books and sports. Any and all is up for discussion, let me know what you think of the first installment and how it can be improved so it’s more of an experience for you, the reader and participant.


The first issue will be on longboarding!

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[AUSIA] Operation Bravo Results


Today AUSIA held an unscheduled event. Not only did we start off with 3 members in chat on a 30 minute notice, but we ended with enough people to storm a server. With this event, it shows AUSIA has a consistent activity level. Next step, increase activity. As simple as that. Here’s the damage done. Click Continue reading for more information.

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CPA is meant for fun!

Breakfast Burritos!

UK/US Breeze Results!

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The ACP Bonanza!

Good morning/afternoon/evening ACP!

It’s time for the ACP Bonanza! To signify the nearing end to this holiday season, it’s time for the ACP Bonanza! It will take place on 2 days and full of contests(Club Penguin/Chat), trivias(Chat), prizes(Xats/Days/Powers), and fun(Extras!). We’ll even try out some Sled Racing, Hide n’ Seek, and other games. If we get good numbers we can even hold a practice event lead by all of you! The results will be posted up as well. Here’s the information you’ll need to participate! All hours/dates are in AUSIA times!

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❤Madonna’s Bday!❤

Hello ACP! After Leaving 2016, and welcoming 2017, Its time that I will be 12 Years old…
Yes! My Birthday! And all ACP troops are invited on my 12th Birthday Celebration… The information is given below!

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ACP Awards 2016

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Defence of Deep Freeze

Cool Club Penguin Christmas Pictures

Happy Holiday season!

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