[US] Successful Invasions of South Pole & Parka

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ACP Awards 2016

Early Christmas Promotions; Final Promotions Post of 2016!

Sliding into success on Sled

Hello and Merry Christmas Everyone, today we sent a unit of shock troops in to the RPF lands of South Pole and Parka; citizens cheered at our arrival. RPF failed to show up to either invasion as they were busy with out allies invasions. At South Pole we maxed 7, and at Parka we maxed an unfortunate 5. Because RPF failed to show these are both auto wins. Leave a comment if you were at either invasion.

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Tuxedo has fallen

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Practice Battle vs Nachos


Greetings, ACP. Today, a few ACP troops logged on to Tuxedo to invade it from RPF who didn’t show up; I suppose they spend to much time building hate up than checking their enemies’ site everyday especially seeing as our invasion of Tuxedo was in a post which is stickied on site. We maxed seven which isn’t great for us but we can improve on that. Carry on reading for pictures of the event.

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War Schedule

Greetings, ACP!

Hey RPF, remember that army that you said maxes 10+? Well, if you didn’t know, we just demolished you. That’s right, ACP. We well and truly smashed RPF on the server Cozy, maxing 25 in the process. After losing 10 servers in one day, this so called “number one army” must now rely on some shady dual browser usage,

Uhh, uhh, afk store!

As well as insulting us for using “allies” (Lol, do you even know what an alliance is?) yet being hypocrites themselves creating false hope about your so called “allies” to take down an army that according to you, maxes 10.

Anyway, as well as obliterating RPF, we had a visit from the newly resurrected Dark Warriors, who were bigger than RPF, not surprisingly. Also RPF, why hide behind Dark Warriors and copy their tactics, I thought you were the big bad strong army? Whatever you tried, it didn’t work.

Overall, our tactics were great and we had an excellent start to the war today. Remember, Preserve Justice and Defend Freedom!  Remember to comment if you came! Pics courtesy to Edwin and video by Zoomey. Continue reading

ACP Recap #79 13-19 September

Click HERE for last year’s recap and HERE for the year before last year’s post!

best title logo evr 2k15

Groovy greetings to you all, ACP and other people from other armies and welcome to my ACP RECAP #79! Eurgh, 79, what a boring number. Hey, you know what? Let’s look it up and see if it means anything or perhaps if it has some symbolic thing or something…

‘Number 79 is made up of the energies and attributes of number 7 and number 9. Number 7 resonates with the vibrations of your divine life purpose and soul mission, intuition and inner-wisdom, endurance and persistence of purpose, spiritual enlightme-‘

Uh…. well there you have it folks! 79! Number 79, people! *claps*… wtf….

Anyways, let’s begin with all the normal poll stuff before the read more part. Time to embrace your weekly dose of slimey-weirdness, DO IT!

Results from last poll of the week:

Poll of the week:

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US Re-invasion of Snow Fort

Hello ACP!


Today we logged on to Snow Fort to cleanse the server of any remaining resistance. None showed up to defend, of course. We maxed 14 and averaged around 12-13. As the event went on, the size never decreased, but went up. Pretty solid event. The size was pretty good, but the tactics need some work. Make sure to recruit as much as you guys can, that is key. Also, promotions are coming soon! If you want to increase your chance of getting promoted and decrease the chance of getting demoted, make sure to stay active and attend events! Read on for the pictures of the event.

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[US/UK] Invasion of Half Pipe [VICTORY]

Today we logged on to invade SWAT’s server, Half Pipe. We had a max of 13, which stayed consistent pretty much throughout the battle. Tactics were perfect or near perfect, and we won, due to SWAT logging in nearly 7 minutes late. After they finally did show, it was a good battle, but ACP Victory!

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[AUSIA] Re-Invasion of Sled [VICTORY]

Today we logged on to Sled to re-invade Sled. We maxed 7 and SWAT didn’t even log on cause Taco was busy crying in my PC about how he was winning.

Invasion of Snow Globe: Victory [US]

Today we took Snow Fort (even though Silverbug didn’t admit defeat), and for the second battle of the day we took Snow Globe, this time, RPF admitting defeat. RPF maxed about 17 troops, while ACP maxed out with 22, averaging 20. Good job today guys. It’s a great start for this week, AUSIA victory on Breeze, a huge battle on Snow Fort maxing 30, and now a victory on Snow Globe maxing 22. Keep it up!

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Invasion of Snow Fort: VICTORY [US/UK]

Today we invaded Snow Fort from the RPF, maxing over 30, and averaging 25-29. RPF will claim they win, but they didn’t fight us for the first twenty minutes of the battle, therefore we win.

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Events For The Week: Invasions of RPF

Hello ACP Soldiers!


With Operation Babirusa in full swing, I give you the rest of Monday off due to the successful invasion of Breeze, but we’ll be jumping back in the rest of the week with invasion after invasion. Comment if you can come!

Saturday, August 8th


Server: Klondike

Time: 7 PM UK, 2 PM EST, 1 PM CST, 12 PM MST, 11 AM PST

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