UK Invasion of Ice Cold

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Greetings, ACP. Today, we logged on to Ice Cold which was free land and invaded it. We started off in Town where we stayed for twenty minutes then we progressed to Docks where we got into a scattered formation and performed some tactics such as a Clovers Waterfall. We maxed fourteen in this event.   Comment if you attended and make sure to attend the invasion tomorrow at 8:30 pm GMT/3:30 pm EST if you can.

13th july 2016 uk 3

13th july 2016 uk 1

13th july 2016 uk 5

13th july 2016 uk 4

13th july 2016 uk 7

13th july 2016 uk 8

13th july 2016 uk 6

Comment if you attended,


Super Edwin



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  1. Attended.

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