ACP’s 10th Anniversary: Ten Years of Leaders 4# Kg007

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Happy Raksha Bandhan day

Greetings, ACP. In our last post we went over Dr Nono Jr and Rapidy, who were the 3rd leaders of ACP, and Kg007 was the person who replaced their short leadership. Kg007, also known as Kg,  led from the 28th of August 2008 to 10th October 2008. Carry on reading to learn how he got leader and what he did as leader.

How did Kg007 get leader?

As mentioned in the last post, which you can find here, during Rapidy’s leadership there was a leadership election for a new leader, Kg007 along with Shaboomboom were voted into the election for leader after being voted for on a poll. The election for leader was close with Kg007 winning leader by just three votes.

This result had mixed results with some people believing that Kg would fail at leading and that Rapidy needed leader for ACP not to fall whilst others believed that Kg could improve ACP or that the army should work together with the new leader to prevent chaos which would result in ACP falling.  All comments are taken from this post.



What did Kg007 first do as Leader?

The first thing Kg did as leader was to sort out the ranking system , as there were some troops who had been promoted around five times in one week,  however this meant that some troops had been given lower ranks due to Kg wanting to keep higher ranks less crowded which led to some anger also Shaboomboom was given co-leader under Kg.  Source for picture can be found here.

Fun facts about Kg007

  1.  ACP turned two under Kg’s leadership.
  2. They declared war on RPF (some things never change)
  3.  He’s part of the “Most ever-lasting BFF group” with Fort and Toe
  4.  This isn’t really a fact but it’s a cool quote:  (about Track racing)
    Oagalthorp: Whats his best time?
    Kg 007: Fast.
    Oagalthorp: . . . a time would help . . .
    Kg 007: 1 o’clock
  5.   He’s a Club Penguin Army Legend.
  6. He was the first ACP leader to ever lead two major armies as he led ACP and RPF.

The 5th Leader

Kg retired on the 10th of October 2008 resulting in another leadership election to see who would replace him. Shaboomboom who had been Kg’s co-leader was successfully elected leader on the 24th October 2008 becoming ACP’s 5th leader. Make sure to read the next post in this series to see the leadership of Shaboomboom aka Shab.

Super Edwin



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  1. DMT for 49th ACP Leader.

  2. This is the most amazing thing I have ever read! As I read through this my eyes started having an continuous orgasm with delight. You can tell by the quality of this work that this person must have at least taking 4 years of college for English/Literature. And the detail! OMG the detail is superb! You can really tell the this man researched hours upon hours on this. Bravo is all I can say, for there are no strong enough words to express my pleasure for this article. This is so well done that I think the person who wrote this should get a noble peace prize! Once again, bravo!

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