Cessation Page Clarification


Recently I have realized that a lot of people have not been made explicitly aware of the integration of the new ACP Cessation page and it’s purpose. Some people have recently been on leave and did not comment on the Cessation page regarding it, and thus there was no record of anything to establish a rank, if the person was actually on leave or not, what kind of leave and for how long.

Firstly, after the problem with undocumented leaves became very evident again, and after realizing there wasn’t already a cessation page up, I decided to reintegrate the process. With the revamped ACP Cessation page, we can now track who is on leave, the reason, the duration, and what person that rank deserves when he/she returns. There are 3 forms on the page. The first section is for leaves where involuntary/mandatory and voluntary leave forms. The second section is designated to rank terminations/retirements. All the details are listed on the Cessation page itself. This enactment will help provide more stability and more control over leave and retirement situations, and also provide a documentation of them.

This post is to benefit everyone that does not already know about this procedure so it can be used in line with standard protocols. It is imperative that you take the time to hop on the cessation page and fill out the appropriate form straight away if the need arises. It is solely your fault if you do not follow protocol. Those who do not comment on the page and go on leave without notifying the ownership will result in demotions or termination of ranks by default. That is why communication is key, and the Cessation page is strengthening that.


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