Results of Big Foot Recruiting

Hello ACP,

Today we had a decent event by logging on to Big Foot to recruit. We had about 12-15 on Club Penguin which isn’t bad. Lets try to aim 20+ next week guys. We still need to work on our tactics a bit, but we’re getting better.


E+L Clovers

E+T Toots

Joke Bomb

E+K Cakes

E+F Flowers

E+D Suns

E+8 Sick Faces

E+2 Happy Faces

I think we’ll get better by next week due to probably most of you guys are on Spring Break, and some people are on vacation. We’ll see by next week. ACPRF make sure to recruit.

Comment if you made it below

-Bigmail ACP 2ic

6 Responses

  1. I made it, nice job guys, getting better!

  2. Made it

  3. I was there.

  4. I made it. It was fun 😀

  5. made it

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