Results of Big Foot Recruiting

Hello ACP,

Today we had a decent event by logging on to Big Foot to recruit. We had about 12-15 on Club Penguin which isn’t bad. Lets try to aim 20+ next week guys. We still need to work on our tactics a bit, but we’re getting better.


E+L Clovers

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11/04/14 UK Event

Some debate whether the American or European times are wrong, but the event went smoothly nonetheless.

ACP AUS/Asia Division


So for those of you going, ‘who’s this ?’

I’m Cole former acp 1.5ic, I lead alongside Mch last year and some of you may remember me for being extra negative.

After realizing the UK events have not been changed to the new daylight savings times and our first event without a proper UK figure – head, I decided to step in.

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To the Troops of the DRACP

Sercan has retired from the Army of Club Penguin. His retirement post can be found here.

Hello ACP,

This is an address to all the present troops of the ACP. It is a rather long post, but our current situation does not allow for a short discussion of the matter at hand.

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An End, Once And For All

Hey, ACP! I know this might be coming too soon, however, all good things must come to an end at one point…

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ACP vs PR (Ausia Victory)!

Hello ACP!

Today the ACP were told by the PR leader that they would like a PB, we graciously accepted. We logged into Half Pipe for the pre-battle, went to Forts and then the Berg. We were able to max 20, and average 19. Here are the results:


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