Declaration of War upon S.W.A.T. [4/20/2014]

As of April 20th, 2014 at 12:00 AM EST, the Commandants Intelligence Department of the Army of Club Penguin came to a punctilious decision after a deliberating within the ACP bureaucrats, that the D.R.A.C.P. Nation was deemed to be threatened, thus resulting in this retaliative proclamation. Upon the publication of this post, the Army of Club Penguin has now declared war on the SWAT army of Club Penguin.

Our reasons of war are listed in the following enumerated articles:

  1. SWAT have been banning ACP officials on their chat for no particular reason whatsoever, suggesting a possible war between the two nations.
  2. They recently published a declaration of war on the ACP, but it was removed soon after. This suggests that they have the intentions to declare war on us.
  3. SWAT had scheduled a raid on Mammoth a couple days ago, which is an undisputed server that the ACP owns completely.
  4. A few of the high SWAT officials have been provocative on chat and have been acting hostile towards other ACP troops.
  5. They have posted another declaration of war against the ACP, and the ACP must retaliate in order to preserve its nation.


Provisional Law No. 1

All SWAT troops are hereby banned forever on our chat until the war is officially declared over by the A.C.P.

Provisional Law No. 2

The A.C.P. chat room will be for members only.

Provisional Law No. 3

All A.C.P. troops who are in the S.W.A.T. are required to leave the army  immediately for the duration of the war. Anyone who fails to do so will be considered as a traitor and will result in a ban forever until the war is declared over by both S.W.A.T. and the A.C.P.

We are hereby at war against the Special Weapons and Tactics.


Signing out,

~The Commandants Intelligence Department of the D.R.A.C.P

5 Responses

  1. ok

  2. Post the invasions, it’s more than 24 hour notice. No complaining.

  3. Lets show them who’s boss ACP! Good luck SWAT.

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