This post will be long because Badboy feels the need to type a 4,000 word essay about stuff he has no idea about.

“Alright so some of you might already know Trader, he’s ACP’s US leader, Wait let me say that again, US LEADER. Ya, he’s not even considered a main leader, and doesn’t even possess the rank of admin on site, IN ACP. How sad.”

Badboy you asked me a few weeks ago to join ACP 😦 It’s pretty sad how you’re acting like we’re irrelevant. I am ACP Leader, not a “usa leader” you’re living under a rock.

“If you don’t know him, he’s some raging kid who begged me for namecolor when we were both in Golds, and the last time he and Albaro tried to call out SWAT in August, we took their entire nation and now they have about 5 servers. gg. He somehow got owner there, and then got leader, which isn’t surprising, considering ACP has had no one relevant lead their army since 2013.”

I don’t know why i’d beg for money from someone who can’t even afford a good ownership. You have 1 server, Swat.

“Trader, you have some nerve calling Apollo out for what happened in IW, when he got leader there and the best you’ve done with your career is get 3ic in Golds and ACP “US” leader, just because they have no one else. Stfu please. And I don’t see how you can say Apollo thinks you two are friends when he literally tells me how much he dislikes you every day, you must be the one wanting friends too much. And by the way it was Ganger who posted the two AUSIA events, not him, but I saw during your little rant that you said things to Ganger aswell, so I guess you want twice the beating than we gave ACP last month. Apollo is 100x the leader you are, and you should stop spending so much time trying to call him out when he’s leading an army that maxes 35 and you lead an army that maxes 15. 😦 And btw Apollo isn’t a “kid” as you claim, he’s a lot older than you, and most of us are. Not sure if that’s a boost of self-esteem for you to call someone a kid when you’re like 12, but it definitely isn’t working, so you should figure out some new motives.”

When Apollo got Ice Warriors leader he fed off what was already going on. IW maxed 45-50 before Apollo and 30 after. What a good leader. Apollo cries in my PC everyday asking me why we aren’t friends and that he likes me. Even if Ganger did post the ausia events, THEY’RE STILL POSTED. Who cares, you’re still cheaters. Also, you’re like 19, you need to go get a life and get some friends because nobody in this community likes you and you. The only reason your army maxed 35 is because you are all a bunch of multi-log spamming idiots. If I was scared of you fools I wouldn’t be spamming these posts. But you guys cry to Sidie to delete them.

“Now this is the part I particularly found hilarious, especially coming from you, that you would even bother mentioning me on your post, claiming that SWAT multilogs, with no legitimate proof to back it up. And I did accuse DCP of doing it in the past, but now I see what they deal with every day. They have fa**ots like you monitoring their events and ranting about how they have “fake” sizes, when in reality everyone who does that, including ACP, are just jealous we’re bigger and better. Again, spend more time on improving your army and making them somewhat relevant, before you bark at the big dog. Thanks.”

I gave you tons of proof, Badboy. You and all of your wannabes are all cheaters and should be taken off CPAC because you’re terrible. We aren’t “jealous” of you. We aren’t “Jealous” of the army of SWAT, an army that nobody likes and everybody wants to stay dead. You’re the one who begged for ACP Owner and I offered you MEMBER. Go cry some more.

“Before I go further I would just like to point out that you and your misfits over there at ACP obviously have no sense even considering saying ANYTHING to SWAT after how many times we’ve destroyed you in the past. It just amazes me how you keep coming back for more. I just don’t understand it.”

In the last war that ACP had with SWAT, you guys claimed victory at every event even the ones we obviously beat you at. In a war again, I hope you’re prepared for us to ignore your petty and irrelevant armies cry for victory.

“You claim the event we held where we maxed 35+ was all multilogs because only 15 were present on chat. I explained this to Zak and Zing, and I will explain it to you aswell. SWAT, unlike everyone else, chat recruits, and we have a number of places where we get recruits from off xat, and due to the cussing SWAT allows a lot of them don’t feel comfortable coming to chat. So we show them how to join, rank them, and explain to them how events work. And at event time, we tell them what server and room to log on to, and they follow along with tactics. Now this leaves you with the question, how are our tactics so “perfect”, when really they’re not, but I’ll continue. I don’t know if any of you have recruited CPPS troops before, but a lot of them are experienced with using Club Penguin-like sites, and know how to use the game very well. They probably are more experienced with basic procedures such as making formations and doing tactics, more than the average CP Army moderator. There is no way in hell you can tell me, that they are THAT stupid, that they can’t follow along with tactics when they see everyone else doing them on CP. It’s literally pressing E and a number or letter. It isn’t hard. A five year old could do it, but I don’t think you’d take the time to review what you’re claiming, I mean, I would assume you’re too busy recruiting being that you max 15, but that’s none of my business.”

I would understand that Badboy, but you’re to stupid to understand that with people not on your chat and playing off the game, you can’t get perfect tactics every picture. You’re a fool, plus who would want to help SWAT? Nobody. Exactly. lol.


You also posted this picture to prove me wrong for saying that you get perfect tactics. Oh i’m sorry, the guy who was multi-logging 2 penguins accidentally pressed the wrong tactic on both while changing his tabs

“Trader then proceeded to explain how we faked an AUSIA event last week. I was not at that event, Ganger was, and he posted. It looks like that happens to be true, but that event was held last week, and was faked last week, so I don’t know why you’re bothering addressing it now. Probably because when you went to go write about how we apparently multilog, you’re plan fell through the roof when you realized you had no legitimate evidence, just like everyone else, so congratulations on actually writing something constructive, it’s most appreciated. I also find it funny that you should bring this up because do I really have to mention Sercan’s little skit back in 2013 with editing event pictures? Honestly, you can’t act as if ACP are a bunch of angels watching over the community, because they’re anything but, and on top of it they’re the weakest army out there. When will you morons just”

Yay you just admitted to having fake ausia events and posting twice. What a good fellow.

“Then as his last paragraph of complete stupidity, Trader went on to call out Ganger for multiloggin on a penguin named Fort59, when I’ve already told everyone a number of times we only give that penguin to those who don’t have an account during event time. And we all know from experience that there’s always at least 1 or 2 people at every event that need an account, don’t bother denying that. And the fact that this is maybe the 3rd or 4th time you’ve pointed something out about us that you had barely any conclusive evidence makes me chuckle.”

Yeah bro legit, I have Trader10, Trader11, Trader12, Trader13 that i give out when people don’t have any penguins.

 “Also shout out to Rocks for armyhopping. Although I already knew this, I didn’t think he’d go lie and say we throw nulls on chat, with again, NO PROOF of us doing so. But again, Trader used this in his post thinking it would mean something, I can’t get enough.”

Yeah bro no proof besides you asking him to null chat. It’s ok

Now like before Badboy has embarrassed himself.

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