This is why you don’t touch Breeze (Defence of Breeze Results – Victory)

Important Posts to Read:

War Schedule

Our Response to Snow Ninja’s declaration of war

Greetings, ACP. As a good majority of you know, Snow Ninjas scheduled an invasion of our capital, Breeze, and I’m proud to say we work incredibly hard today today to defend Breeze successfully. Especially people like Sam, Kitty, Brad and Doctor Mine Turtle who helped to hype and recruit for hours before the battle with me. As a result of this dedication we maxed 30 on Breeze with Snow Ninjas not attending.

Like I said, Snow Ninjas, you’ll regret even daring to invade Breeze by the time this war is over.


Not that you could have beaten us with ten people on chat but okay.

SN’s reason for not attending




Comment if you attended Defence of Breeze,

edwin avatar

Super Edwin,



10 Responses

  1. Attended.

  2. Well done, I will give you credit.

  3. Came

  4. Woo go ACP! Sorry I couldn’t make it, I’ve been real depressed so I had to get out of he the house today.

  5. “Brake”

  6. I came.

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