[AUSIA] U-Lead on Outback Results

Greetings ACP!

Today we logged onto Outback for a fun u-lead session. We did pretty well without two of our AUSIA owners (CSY and Maverick 😦 ) even though some tactics were pretty poor. We maxed 20+ and averaged 18 to 19 online. On the chat we had 29 which is a bit disappointing considering many people didn’t log on. Regardless, we had a good time and most of us had a chance to lead :mrgreen: . Anyway, thanks if you came and comment if you made it!


lol e3lol efScreenshot_296 Screenshot_297 Screenshot_298Screenshot_300

Make sure to attend the AUSIA division raid on an unknown army, where we’re aiming for a solid size of 30+! Make sure to comment if you came to this event.

xaticon idk1

»๖ۣۜCoммaɴder Sιɗιє9«

ACP Leader

6 Responses

  1. I came! 😀

  2. Pie

  3. I attended! 😛

  4. I CAME

  5. camezies though my internet was sucking D= heres my one pic of E+9 at the forts: http://prntscr.com/9h6dkt

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