USA Recruiting Session

Salutations everyone,


Today, we logged on to White Out and had a quick recruiting session in preparation for war or future battles, hence the title. We started off a bit slow at first, then more and more people started to show up in green and/or dancing and doing some tactics. It was pretty fun for everyone, considering the abnormally increased amount of people saying lines on CP. I also saw a lot of penguins wearing watermelon costumes, so that was…well-you know. We maxed 20 and averaged 17-18. This is a bit of an improvement, but I know we can do even better. As time goes on, I expect things to improve as long as everyone continues to improve overall.


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Riddles for Xats #2

Good day ACP,

Today is December the 27th. A lot has happened over the past week since the last Riddles for Xats post was posted. Armies have been created and some forgotten. Some rose and some fell in the Top Ten, but we were the only ones to rise so exceptionally. From our lower yet admirable position of 7th, we have reached the Top 5, landing ourselves in the much higher and much more envied position of 4th. But as Sidie9 himself said, this is only the beginning.

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Placing in the top 5 is only the beginning.


ACP Musical Theme Contest

Good day to you all,

I have added another contest to my repertoire as of now. In addition to my Riddles for Xats contest (for the latest one click here), I have created a new, never before seen contest in which YOU decide what ACP’s musical tunes should sound like. Have you ever gone on YouTube in search of your favorite anime’s soundtrack? Have you ever seen a video or been in a conversation or situation in which you thought of a song that explains through music what you were feeling? If so, then this is the contest for YOU. Read on for the details.

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