Update Concerning Retirement

Some may know that my retirement post was published. I am not retiring, I had changed my mind a while ago. But for some reason wordpress still posted it on the original schedule even though I canceled it.

No, I am not retiring.

ACP Awards 2015 Part Two

Salutations, ACP

acp awards

Thanks to everyone who helped decide the nominees by voting in part one! This time, the people who have been voted, in part one, to be nominees will go into polls and then it’ll be up to you to vote for each category. Good Luck to all the nominees

You’re deadline is the 1st January 2016

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New ranks

Today is December 25th, the day which the active count will be applied. This means that if you haven’t commented on that post then you will lose your rank, so lets dive straight into it. (Owners aren’t counted)

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