[UK] TRAINING EVENT 26/12/2015

Today ACP logged onto Breeze. We maxed and averaged 10. Me and Orange hyped ten minutes before event because we were busy and cri cri cri. It was pretty good because I hyped ten minutes before. (I WAS BUSY, OK! cri cri cri) Credit to: Tami, Orange, Splash, Orange, Rocky and Zoomey! *redface*

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It’s promotion time! This time hosted by, ZOOMEY! I and the owners promoted anyone I feel stood out and done well! If you feel like you deserve a promotion but didn’t get one comment down below and explain why you deserve a promotion! Make sure to add you name and current rank and I’ll get back to you!

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AUSIA Liberates Breeze – ACP vs Bots

Greetings ACP!

Today we logged onto Breeze as planned to take our capital back from the antagonistic Light Troops led by Waterkid. We maxed 23 with a steady size of 20-22 and 32 users on the chat. The Light Troops failed to show up, but we were kindly visited by a group of bots who we still managed to defeat. Tactics were above average and we once again proved that we are unstoppable. We did very well and I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! Comment if you came :mrgreen: .


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